Monday, August 31, 2009

Here is where it happens

Ms. Manhart's Room: A9

All buffed and shined and ready.

Some stuff on my walls:

Big paintings gifted to me by graduating seniors:

This one from Brianna, signed "the original outdoor lit class"
The quote says: "If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed." Leo Tolstoy

This one from Ashley, of my man e.e. cummings

And of course, this:


Lisa said...

And another equally brilliant classroom here! NICE! I love your bulletin board and artwork, so stylish and inspiring.

(I should take a picture of what's on my walls... a picture of and apple with a big A and little A above it, a list of days and months next to a calendar, and a series of cards with a bee "in" a cup, "on" a cup, "next to" a cup...oh...and it gets so exciting when he goes "under" the cup in a show of utter strength. Gosh, I think I need a new job.) haha.

no, seriously...beautiful setting for you to spend your days! Glad you're happy to be back!

Melissa said...

This is amazing. Truly. This classroom taught me more than you could know. It's very odd that you posted this today actually, because I have been doing a lot of self examaning latley and I pulled out a lot of things we did in this class (and posted some on my own blog just yesterday!). I love Ashley and Brianna's work. I still can't believe the timing of this post, it looks great, so ready for a new batch of students.

maria. said...

albeit that this is a completely different wing and floor than b105, these photos walloped me with a great sense of nostalgia that i have not felt in years. tonight might be the night i pull out all of my old journals and workshopped pieces (i am pretty sure i have every single one of them) and reread them. it has been a while since i've done that.

i hope all of your students find what they need to bloom free in those four walls. i'm certain they will.

Carver Fam said...

LOVE seeing your classroom. Never have seen it and it is just as sunny and bright as you.

Magic indeed happens there...

Paige said...

Em, I just couldn't not comment on this. My county has all this shiny, new, interactive, whiteboard technology, which I don't see in yours (maybe I'm just missing it), and yet I cant' help but think of the amazing experience your students are getting with you as their teacher!! And your Outdoor Lit. class--amazing!! What a truly interactive experience that is!! If only my county would get on board. You are truly gifted.