Monday, August 31, 2009

Skyler goes to Kindergarten

Skyler on Kindergarten: "I'm a little bit excited and a little bit scared."

a little bit excited:

a little bit scared:

She picked two sunflowers from our garden this morning for the teacher. Shameless?

Look at this nice sunny space.

She was so worried about not getting a job. Look what we found as soon as we walked in!

I assured her that is the COOLEST job anyone could ever get.

I hung around long enough to watch her on the playground for a while, hopscotching...

...and then I sensed she was ready, and kissed her goodbye.

There are so many things I could write here, but all of them will make me cry, so.
Have a great day, kid.


beth said...

So good to see the photos of Skyler entering kindergarten--I have been thinking about her all morning. I am SURE she is doing just fine--but how about you? I certainly remember the emotions I felt the day I took you to kindergarten for the first time. If you think this is hard, just wait 'til she goes to college

But I know she is so ready--she looked adorable with her new dress and new haircut.

Hang in there, Emilie. She will have a great year.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful kindergarten! So much space and light. Skyler looked, as you called it, scared and excited - just the perfect emotions for kindergarten. I remember the scared more than anything, tbh. Nice touch with the flowers... very Skyler... with a scent of Emilie and a hint of Sam. ; D

Like your mom said, she'll have a great year for sure!!