Monday, September 21, 2009

Team Cousins, the day after

Sunday, we drove to visit Todd and Michelle and family at the cabin they rented for the long weekend. This is their little spot on the coast:

The kids took about half of the rocks off the beach and threw them off the dock.

Drew and Kyle, such handsome boys.

It is some kind of miracle that Reed didn't take a dive off of this dock.

Skyler showing everyone the crab claw she found.

Todd about to throw baby Jake into the ocean. Just kidding.

Our pretty moms! Can you tell they are sisters???

I have to say I'm proud of Maine for living up to its crisp, beautiful reputation for our visitors.
I'd like to think we have started a tradition of family reunions that involve a running race and lots of rich food. Where will we meet next???


Michelle said...

Um, you are so sweet to not out my son's horrible behavior. I think it is only fair to note that DREW TRIED TO KILL REED by pushing him off the dock. Something to do with a territorial war over rocks or something like that.

Seriously, what an embarrassing and heart stopping moment.

We had such a great time in your beautiful state. Thank you for the great time and the beautiful weather.

We are all set to return in August! Want to go for a run then?