Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things that started well and ended badly.

We usually run into the Carvers at Fisher Farm on pick-up day, but I'm never so lucky as to have Maya take my finger and lead me up the hill to the animals.

And this sparkly and bright kind of day is reserved only for Septembers.

And Suzanne got to do hay-bale yoga, a nice back stretch.

And then we all headed down to the house to pick up our vegetables from the shed.

At which point Skyler, my charming and adorable daughter who has, shall we say, a difficult side to her personality, accentuated by spending her days at Kindergarten and being so good and obedient all day and then turning into a loose cannon as soon as we pick her up, spun out of control.

She had misbehaved so badly at last week's pickup (trying to throw the vegetables into our bag?!) that she was told she could not help me this week and had to stand and watch from outside the shed. She screamed and cried and made a scene. So I buckled her into the car, and the screaming got louder and louder. The other happy, organic-vegetable loving farm sharers looked at me with concern. I tried to play it off real casual: "Yep, that's my daughter. She's a screamer!"

The man in front of me, with his silent and neatly groomed 4-year old daughter, said these things to me:
"Wow. Someone needs a nap!"

"She had one," I replied.

"Wow. She's got a set of lungs on her!" and then he added:
"My daughter has only ever done that twice in her life."

"Well, God Bless America," I thought to myself.

She cried most of the way home, and I don't really know what to make of it. She understood why she was not allowed to help me get the vegetables, but she still insists on screaming at the universe about the injustice of her life and letting everyone in a one-mile radius share in her pain.

We did recover nicely that evening and had a long, pleasant chat about how she was going to "try so hard to be a better girl."

Next adventure: First soccer practice! Do you know how happy this makes me?

Showing off her shin guards:

Team meeting: (Christine, doesn't she look like McKayla???)

The girl has some mad skills.

Everything was going so well! She could really dribble, turn, stop, and pass the ball! She ran like the wind!

And then after 30 minutes, the stirrup of her shin guards had already given her a mean blister on her little foot, and I watched her messing with it and then limping, and then once she caught my eye, she started to cry, exclaimed she "couldn't even walk anymore!" and we left in the middle of practice. I carried her off the field on my back in a very teary, dramatic scene.

Here's looking forward to next week! I've already adjusted my strategy for good behavior and happy feet. We'll see if it works.


Baute Family said...

Well if it makes you feel any better, Madison is very much the same.....but she is now in 2nd grade. Sorry, that probably doesn't give you too much hope. I will email you with the details of her last screaming episode..too long for a comment! i love you, keep up the good work momma.

... said...

Emily, I've been lurking on your blog and loving it! Adrienne gave me the address (we both live in the same town now - crazy) a while ago, and I've just now started reading what you've been up to. Beautiful family and it looks like a beautiful life! So good to see...

xxx Teka

... said...

eek, make that used to live in the same town - you can tell how long it's been since A and I talked - I didn't realize they'd moved!

... said...

Oy vey - and now I've spelled your name wrong, which given my name is such a pet peeve. So sorry. I hope this isn't how the whole day is going. Last comment, Emilie, I promise!

Emilie said...

Hi Teka! Send me your email. Would love to catch up. xo Emilie