Saturday, October 31, 2009


After a rainy and blustery day, it turned into the perfect, balmy trick-or-treating night, full moon and all. It was warm enough that we didn't even need to stuff winter coats under the costumes.

Here they are!

Reed said all month that he wanted to be a monster for Halloween, but when it came time to try on costumes, he wanted none of it. (He's one of those kids who refuses to wear hats, long sleeves, or any kind of jacket.) He wouldn't even touch the costume I bought for him, so we compromised on Jonathan Papelbon, his (my) favorite Red Sox player. He got really into it and even carried his baseball glove around for a while.

All month, Slyler had been telling me she wanted to be a bush. A bush? Yes, like a shrub. And I could not figure out how to pull that off, so I was psyched when she came up with the pink crayon idea. That, I can do!

We did our street and then another neighborhood loop, and we were DONE trick-or-treating by 6:15. Yes!
That's one tired crayon.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of everyone else's costumes! Happy Halloween!


beth said...

What an incredible Full Moon, Spooky Halloween shot. And those two were the cutest pink crayon and Jonathan Papelbon I ever saw (The real JP should be so cute!!!)
It was fun tagging along, brought back lots of memories of marching through the NJ streets with my own three-pack of ghosts and goblins, and especially of one memorable maple tree, which the pink crayon reminded me of. (OK, English teacher--you can get me for the preposition at the end of that convoluted sentence!!)