Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To the beach?

Sunday was a super weird weather day, warm, balmy and foggy. Sam was at a swim meet in Portland, and we needed to get out!

We drove to Sears Island beach, which is kind of a weird beach at low tide, and with the fog it was extra eerie, but warm and nice and the kids did what makes them happy.

Reed got super wet walking in the water, and Skyler filled a bucket with shells.

On our way back to the car, we met Finnigan and borrowed him for another hour!

throwing the ball

over and over and over. Perfect!

On the drive home, the sun broke free! Look at that fog on the bay!

Then Reed fell asleep so Skyler and I entertained ourselves in the grocery store parking lot for a while before waking him up.


Paige said...

You're the best mom ever to do that! No way would I have gone to that eerie beach by myself with the kids. You rock.