Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trek, 2009: strong and growing!

8:00 am on Thanksgiving morning, this group of Turkey Trekkers gathered in the City Forest for our 3rd annual event, a 4-mile trail run (or walk). My friend Susan and I organized the event together, asking runners and walkers to bring a non-perishable food donation for a local food pantry. We provided water, bananas, zucchini bread, cranberry muffins and raspberry oatmeal bars. We got a donation of 60 cups of coffee from Tim Hortons, and we baked pies for the top 3 winners. The forecast called for rain, rain, rain, but instead it was just foggy, and not even too muddy. Yes!

Here is how the Turkey Trek has grown.

2007: 11 participants
2008: 32 participants
2009: 70 participants!!!

Sam said that next year we'll have hundreds of people, huge banners and a gospel choir at the starting line. Not a bad idea, actually.

BEFORE shots:

Susan and Catherine

some St. John's mommas: Nancy, April, Emilie, Jenn, Anne-Marie

heading to the starting line....

I can't resist noting another difference from year to year: my time!
2007: 49 minutes
2008: 44 minutes
2009: 38 minutes

AFTER shots:

Doug, April and Sam

Students, past and present: Catherine, Sam, Tyler, Grace

Sam, Lisa and Grace: A well represented Barnett family!

This is Kristin, the other Nike Marathon Team in Training runner from Maine/ my San Francisco hotel-mate, who drove 2 hours with her husband Charlie to run with us this morning.

The co-director Susan, with the clipboard!

my friends Kristin (whom I teach with) and Natalie (who was my student my very first year at Bangor High, and now she is an ENGLISH TEACHER!)

My mom and her friend Jo, both looking sporty in purple.

speaking of purple, Steph and Chris (and pups Jackie and Steve)
This is my third race with Steph in a month! (What's next, girl???)

Coffeeing with Meredith, my bestie.

We dropped off some of our food donation, (our grand total was 225 food items that filled the trunks of 3 cars!!) to Manna this morning. Skyler thought this was very cool. That grocery cart represents less than half of what we collected! Thank you, everyone. The director of Manna says: "God bless you."


SNW said...

Yayyy for MANNA! Such a feel-good event, and the perfect way to start Thanksgiving. I'm glad I ran the extra mile to return to my doggy friends, I ate a LOT today and plan to keep on..

Lisa said...

Your hands look cold, but your hearts so warm. Wish I could have joined you all. Missing family today as the holiday season gets underway. Happy Thanksgiving team-Manhart. miss and love you. Have a nice weekend!

Carver Fam said...

I am so proud to have a friend who does things like this. One more list of my list of thousands of things I love about Emilie Manhart.

And the time differences? I think we could get you a job as a rickshaw pretty soon if you're interested...

Nancy said...

I know just who should sing at next year's starting line... Oh yeah, and you're also going to need a shuttle bus to ferry people from a major parking lot somewhere... oh yeah, and I AM GOING TO BE IN IT NEXT TIME!!!
By the way, have I mentioned that YOU ROCK!?!?!