Thursday, December 31, 2009

christmas and sam's birthday

woo hoo! Christmas morning!

You'd think we live in California with all this beach recreation gear.
Actually, Reed just loves to wear a snorkel and mask at the pool, so we got him his own so he'd stop stealing from other kids.

(try being in the presence of this belly for 2 seconds without squeezing)

And Sam got this wetsuit for open-water swims (as in lakes and oceans, not pools).

And because poor Sam's birthday is 12/28, he always gets joint Christmas and Birthday presents (wetsuit) and so on his birthday, he got cinnamon rolls, bacon, eggs, and fruit salad for breakfast,

paper decorations, a lovely dinner,

and this cheesecake that we ate before I photographed it.

So there, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!