Friday, December 4, 2009

Hello, December

I've been told by my Aunt Ann, in her subtle manner, to "GET BLOGGING!"

So, here I am to tell you that I don't know what happened to fall, and that I'm scrambling to get ready for Christmas, while at the same time I've gone into survival mode because Sam's season of coaching the high school swim team has started. That means that we play tag-team even more than we usually do; he has practice every day after school or in the evening and swim meets on the weekends. We have a very well choreographed routine down that allows me to run on Monday nights and Thursday afternoons and play soccer on Wednesday nights. I'm still trying to get in a long-ish run on the weekends so I don't lose my base. I've been trying to get most of my Christmas shopping done early this year so we can relax (yeah, right), I'm directing the Christmas pageant again, and I have an especially heavy school bag which means I've been assigning things faster than I can grade them. So I guess that's why I haven't blogged in a week.

I had taken some photos at the end of October that I never posted, and now our world doesn't look like this anymore.

It looks more like this:

And yet, I still think it's beautiful here in all its bleakness. We're still waiting for our first big snowfall. White Christmas, please.

In the meantime, I've been trying to keep sickness away from me and my family by
trying to consciously eat power foods everyday. The salad above represents a new trend: shredded beet and spinach salad. This one had apples and toasted pumpkin seeds but I also have had many with goat cheese and walnuts. Also, lots and lots of sweet potatoes, squash, broccoli, red peppers, and oranges. I'm into the bright colors. I especially like when you peel a beet and it stains your hands red for a few hours. Power food, indeed.

Sam cut all of the herbs from his herb garden and dried them, put them in little glass jars, and we're set for the winter. I'm daydreaming about Christmas break when I'll have more time to do some cold-weather cooking and baking.

And I've been thinking about birds and bird tattoos and making my mother nervous with such talk.


Nancy said...

Yeah, Em, you're such a slacker! *snort!*

Natalie said...

My cousin has a 4-year-old (who's my god-daughter). I spend time with her most Saturdays and she love, love, loves making new friends. If you are ever in need of a long-ish run and need some help - let me know!!!

Lisa said...

I like the crane one...probably from my Japanese influences. (Sorry Beth for encouraging such talk. ;D Your backyard is..was beautiful.

Kirsten D said...

I want to move right into that picture of your kitchen table.

ann said...

Thanks, Em! Now that I know what works to keep you blogging, watch out!

Where are you going to put your tatoo? Perhaps your mom never needs to know about it! (*_*)

Paige said...

You still cook with all you have going on? How do you do it? I have a hard enough time getting any kind of dinners on the table let alone, colorful power food.

I couldnt' get my kids to eat beets if I paid them!