Friday, December 25, 2009

Mama's got a brand new toy

My little digital camera that could do video broke last year (Skyler dropped it) , and I've been sad about missing the ability to capture little snippets. The remedy was under the tree this morning: my new cute little Flip video camera that can fit in my pocket. Expect videos galore coming soon.

This is just from today, just Reed doing his smoothie dance, and yes, he is wearing a bathing suit. In fact, for most of the day he also had on a snorkel and mask.
Merry Christmas!


Paige said...

Santa brought Tobin a Flip camera! He can't wait to use it; I think he's going to take it when we go snowboarding this week! Merry Christmas, Em.

Paige said...

PS. When Tobin watched the video, he said, "Is that dad the swimmer dad who is really good?" I thought Sam would appreciate that! My kids start winter swim next week!

SNW said...

I've never heard of this thing! Will do some googling. Such a cute little dude, can't wait to see lots and lots of videos of Skylerisms and such. :)