Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reedo says (boy, does he ever)

This boy doesn't stop talking, and I could post just about everything he says because he is so, so, so funny to us. Here are a few zingers, all from just today:

On the way to the doctor for his flu vaccines, he said: "I already got my shot" (referring to the iv in the hospital) "and it was NOT on my favorite list."

On the way to daycare: "Mommy, you shouldn't go to work. It's too dangerous out there."

Talking about going to swim practice with Sam's team while I took Skyler for her check-up:
"I love kicking with those big girls." and "I love splashing with my team."
(When I got there to pick him up, he was holding onto the side of the pool doing the kicking drill with 35 high school kids, right in the fray, smiling his head off. Sam said he wore a team swim cap and goggles for the whole practice. Did I mention that he is 2?)

After he bravely got his two shots without crying:
Me: "Do you know who makes me very proud?"
Reed: "Suzanne!" (Yes, my friend Suzanne does make me very proud.)

After I tucked him in and turned out the light.
Reed: "Are you going to go do laundry and then come back?"
Me: "Yes. I'll be back to kiss you."
Reed: "Okay, but not so fast. You calm down. You do deep breaths like this..." (shows me deep breathing).


Carver Fam said...

Oh, funny man Manhart.

You're a favorite of mine.

Don't think I know how lucky I am to be a favorite of yours...