Thursday, December 31, 2009

Strengthen thy heart with a morsel of bread.

Last week, I baked 10 loaves of bread in one evening for Christmas gifts for my neighbors and friends, and it made me very happy, the baking, the eating, and the giving.

I did 4 loaves of this great oatmeal bread, and I added raisins and cinnamon to the dough before baking.

Then I made 6 loaves of pesto-Parmesan bread, a recipe I sort of made up. I made a double batch of the basic artisan bread I wrote about here.

and then roll each piece of dough flat, spread with pesto and Parmesan (so complicated, right?)

roll it up, sprinkle with pepper and Parm


taste (yes! yum!)

and packaged for delivery.


Michelle said...

My mouth is seriously watering!!

Oh my word those "morsels" look simply divine!

I'm going to have to make "bake more like Emilie" a serious resolution plan!!