Sunday, December 13, 2009

'Tis the Season

for sledding!

and frequent package delivery!

and Christmas crafts!

Wednesday gave us a SNOW DAY (all schools in the state were canceled except Sam's school...seriously), so we stayed in and made salt dough ornaments, thanks to my friend Kelly's inspiration.

Rolling out the dough:

Ready to bake:

All painted for Skyler's kindergarten friends:

Then we braved the storm and drove (only 2 miles) to the Carvers for cookie decoration!

I love this photo. Suzanne is explaining the process to the girls. Look at them. Do you think our voices sound to them like the adults in Charlie Brown?

very cooperative:

This is Ella's. It's about an inch thick with frosting, sprinkles, and coconut.

This is Maya's. Very post-modern.

One of the (many, many, many) great things about going to the Carvers' house is that they have really stretchy yoga bands that they can hang from the ceiling and the kids hang on and jump. They just FLY. Last week we had 4 sets of cords up and Skyler, Ella, Reed and Maya all jumping (but I had no camera). It was quite a sight.

Yesterday we set out to cut down the Christmas Tree! There is a great tree farm right at the end of our street, so we walked down the road:

and when we realized how painfully freaking cold it was, Sam went back to get the truck.

and at this point, Sam and Skyler braved the cold to cut down the tree,

while Reed and I stayed in the truck with the heat blasting.

Until they came back and tossed the tree atop the car,

and even though things hadn't gone as planned, I still took pleasure in the kids' rosy cheeks

and I reminded myself of my mother when I started everyone singing "Go Tell it on the Mountain"

while we drove home to decorate. More photos coming.