Monday, July 27, 2009

new favorite photo

Sunday, July 26, 2009

In case it wasn't absolutely clear that Skyler is really into dogs....

she latched onto this dog, Cooper, at Pushaw Lake yesterday. They did this routine 300 times. Skyler took the dog's toy and ran into the lake.

Cooper followed! What a patient, gentle lad!

They raced to fetch the toy. Cooper always won!

Then Cooper gave Skyler a ride back to shore! Over and over and over again.

Skyler took a rest on the dock, and Cooper went home to bed. She's exhausting, isn't she?

and counting

Double click to read... a note from the Executive Director of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

We are up to $4,573.20. So proud of us!

Today ended week 8 of marathon training, which leaves 12 weeks to go.

I drove to Cape Elizabeth this morning (Portland, two hours south) to do the long run with the Team in Training Team and our coach Jeanne whom I've been emailing with but had never met. Everyone was so nice, and it was great to run in a pack for the first leg of the run. Everyone is running different distances because we are all training for different races, so most everyone was running 7 miles today and I was running 11.

Today turned out to be a real shot in the arm for me (the one who is ever fretting about the long runs) because:
I slept terribly, maybe 3 hours?
I had to get up at 4 am to drive to Cape Elizabeth.
After the first 4 miles, I had to run the rest on my own because everyone took a different turn.
It was hilly!
It was raining!
I had no idea where I was going! (I had some cryptic directions written on my hand that started to wash away as it rained harder)

All this, and I still felt totally in control and fine with running 11 miles. It felt good. I loved running in the new scenery, and Cape Elizabeth is right on the coast so it smelled like sea air and someplace vacationy and far away.

Next week is 12, and I get to run it with my sister-in-law Lisa in Michigan, and we have a nice course plotted that runs up the scenic drive right on Lake Michigan. Not too much longer and I'll be entering the new territory of MORE THAN 13.1. That'll be fun. Right?

team manhart

Skyler and I made zucchini bread.

while Reed worked on the patio with Daddy

(in this photo I can see Reed as a 15 year old)

That is not to say that Sam built a whole patio whilst we made a mere batch of bread. There is a whole before-and-after post about the labor of love that is our new brick patio. But I think the kids are kind of bummed that it is done, because did they spend a lot of time "helping" daddy!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ode to Fisher Farm

Tuesdays are the best days. We get to pick up our farm share, and as the summer goes on, the bounty grows and gets better and better. I love to bring the bags home, pile everything on the counter, and just start cooking with as many veggies as I can. Link

Skyler's favorite. She eats these tender babies until her lips turn orange. She'll also chow a whole head of broccoli in one sitting if I give her a pat of butter to drag every bite through. Yum.

and farm flowers, too!

Easiest day of the week to cook dinner. Those sugar peas! Those red potatoes!

This is not who you think it is

No, we didn't get a puppy, yet, but we are in the market. This is Kimmie's new dog that Skyler is, well, obsessed with. The kids spend one day a week at her house (sweet, uninterrupted, indulgent time for mommy to run, read, and think clearly). When Kimmie got a brand new pup, Skyler spent the entire day over there holding "Buddy"(poor guy) and came home begging, pleading, drooling for us to get a dog.

The problem is, every time I think about it, I realize that what I want is a 60 lb black lab/ shepherd mix, with one crooked ear, that is sweet, calm, and gentle and whose name is Charlie. I still miss my boy.

We're getting closer, and we might be making a trip to the Humane Society very soon. Like after nap time?

I mean, look at Skyler's face!


Just got back from the Humane Society where we went just to "look" and there were a lot of cute dogs there, but they were all barking their heads off, except for one, a 6 month old perfect, adorable shepherd/ lab (blonde) who was gentle and loving and perfect. She was not barking, just standing there looking regal and stoic. There was a sign on her kennel: "adopted." Even so, we decided to stab some needles into our hearts by sitting with her for 10 minutes while she licked our hands and gave us lovey eyes. Skyler named her Lucy, and called her Lucy-loo.

I left with a heavy heart. I underestimated how quickly I could fall in love with the right dog. We'll go back next week. Skyler left with an extra heavy heart because besides her Lucy-loo, she wanted all 25 dogs and all 85 cats, and the 6 rabbits too, and I had to drag her out of there.

blue, blue was the sky

A visit from my friend Jae (Nelp, Michigan, San Fran, violinist extraordinaire), and a trip to Sears Island Beach with the Carvers! I did not add any filter or contrast to these photos!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This is what I'm dealing with over here

Skyler is 4, going on law school

Skyler: Mom! The bath is way too hot. It's as hot as fire.
Me: Okay, let me fix it.

Skyler: Mom? Are you trying to kill me, because the bath is as hot as fire.
Me: I fixed it. Get in the tub.

Skyler: I can't. It is as hot as a fire.
Me: Skyler, do you remember why you lost your video for tonight?

Skyler: For being rude.
Me: And for arguing with everything I say. Now get in the bathtub.

Skyler: It's too hot.
Me: No. It's perfect. Reed is happily sitting in the tub. It is much cooler now.

Skyler: Mom? I just want you to answer me one question.

Skyler: Are you trying to kill me?
Me: No, I am not.

Skyler: Okay good, then I'll get in the tub. Right after I put bandaids on all my boo-boos.

Friday, July 17, 2009

this is how we do: a day at the lake

The O'Reilly gang had us up to the lake house in Lincoln,
or as they say in Maine,
"upta camp"

The big kids entertained themselves almost the whole day playing a game that was, as far as I could gather, a combination of: pirates, villains, sick children, hospital, harry potter, and super heroes. Skyler really only knows about these things from Killian and Beckett and I kept hearing her say things like: "Quick! Over here! The shadow of secrets!" or "Doctor, I'm a hurt baby and a villain is coming!"

If swimming, boating, roasting hot dogs on the fire aren't enough, there's a giant chalkboard.

home made chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches rolled in rainbow sprinkles: beat that.

okay, i'll beat that:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a Maine summer redeemed

After facing the rainiest month in my entire life, July has really been looking up. I needed some reminders about why I live in this state, because I almost packed us up and left.

Moosehead Lake had some reminders. My mom and the kids and I headed up to Lily Bay for the day.

Did you know that Maine has a few state slogans? They have been ringing true for me again, finally.
"Maine: The way life should be."


"Maine: Worth a visit. Worth a lifetime."

the freshest, cleanest, coldest lake around.

A few days later, we headed south to meet up with my aunt Ellen, uncle Dickie, and cousin Brianna who are on the east coast from California for a while. Freeport!

Skyler latched right onto cousin Brianna. Cousins, reunited!

"I love you, you cool, grown-up cousin with the iphone!"

and one for the road.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

excuse me while I talk about my adorable son.

Reed has turned into the funniest, silliest chatterbox of a boy.

He says things in his own special way, mixes up his syntax, mixes up his pronouns, and has a loud, pronounced voice that reminds me of Owen in John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany. Whenever Owen speaks in that book, Irving puts his dialogue in all caps so it SOUNDS LIKE OWEN IS ALWAYS YELLING AT YOU. THIS IS HOW I FEEL WHEN REED TALKS TO ME:

Some examples:

When he wakes up in the morning he crawls under his bed so he can talk to me through the heating grate. He yells down:


Mixed up syntax:

"All wet this diaper."
"Dinosaurs I need them."

Mixed up pronouns:

If he wants to show me something:
"Come show me!"

If I find him under his bed (often):
"I found you!" or "You found you" or "I found me!"

If he really needs me, he says:

I've been icing my leg with a bag of frozen vegetables after runs. This is upsetting to Reed's 2 year old understanding of the world. He says:


He also "needs" everything lately.

"I need food."
"I need go outside."
"I need breakfast."
"I need ride bicycles."

When we pass a Tim Horton's: "I need donut."

And last week on a rainy day, we went to lunch at a restaurant on the coast and he said to the waitress: "I need coffee."

I was disappointed that the waitress didn't laugh at this. Hello? He's 2. I guess that was at the worst of the rainy stretch and the waitress wasn't in the mood to laugh.

This morning, we woke up to sun, and Reed ran out onto the porch:

In fact, guess what? it is 80 degrees today with blue skies and pretty, white puffy clouds. The forecast for tomorrow is, and I quote, "unlimited sunshine, high of 80." We are heading up to Moosehead. All hail the sun and the Maine summer the way it is supposed to be.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

summer pictures from my mom

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mer Mer: Guest Blogger, on The Men in Our Lives

There are two reasons that I couldn't resist being a guest blogger on the Manhart family blog:
1. My friends will often begin conversations with, "hey, I saw on Emilie's blog that you blanked at the blank blank this weekend," and
2. I was invited to write a post. About The Day That The Cake Was Made.

See, though, here's the thing...

While we were making The Cake (or, on another day, running, or shopping, or out for drinks, or out to dinner, or rehearsing for The Vagina Monologues, or throwing a shower, or cooking a five-course meal for fourteen, or doing a 60-mile AIDS walk from Bear Mountain to the Upper West Side), the men were busy. as. bees.

Chasing after toddlers.

Administering times-outs.

Changing diapers.

Buckling car seats.

Issuing orders to wash your hands, give that back, stop using the bike pump to pressurize soccer balls to the point of explosion...

In addition to, in Sam's case, cooking this meal:

for your wife and her BFF to eat with the wine they tossed into the cart with their four pounds of butter and 64 ounces of cream cheese.

Grilled pork with a Thai-peanut sauce, roasted russet potatoes, grilled onions, and fresh greens tossed with Assorted Farm Share Vegetables.

Here's to you, Sam. And Jason. Thanks for holding down the fort so that the wives can take their best shot at saving the world one three-tiered, cream-cheese-frosting-covered, berry-accessorized wedding cake at a time.

However shall we celebrate your collective conquering of Mt. Father/Husbandhood?

How about with the debut of the 2009 Manhart Cocktail of the Year?

Drumroll, please...

Sammy's Summer Sunshine.

The recipe for SSS, as with all Manhart family beverages, is a secret passed on from father to daughter. Seriously. While I was standing over the KitchenAid pouring confectioner's sugar into the buttercream, I heard this from the dining room:

"Okay, Skyler. Watch carefully. You're the ONLY ONE who gets to know what goes into Daddy's special drink."

Whatever it is, it's good. If there were no delivery of The Cake involved, I would have had two or more.

Like Sam:

Cheers, Dads!

(And apologies to Jason who, sadly, in his fatheringx3 which took place 1.8 miles away, was unable to partake of both the food and beverages pictured above. But don't worry, J... Sam has promised both bigger and better before the equinox...)