Saturday, January 16, 2010

CW together again.

Friday, a group of my creative writing class from 07-08 came over to visit, drink tea, bake cookies, and hang out with the kids. Skyler ended up making butterflies with half of the big kids at the kitchen table, while Reed did the Jillian Michaels' workout DVD in the living room with an audience of hysterically laughing college kids. Reed was unintimitaded by having an audience, it just made him more focused on doing his ab work correctly.

I love these kids, and I love that they still come over to hang out even now that they are sophomores in college. Also, it made me remember those looooong college christmas breaks.... it's the middle of January, people! Get back to work!

On their way out, they tried calling me "Emilie" instead of "Ms. Manhart" but it was too weird for them and they couldn't do it.