Saturday, January 23, 2010

here we go again!

We are ON PLAN starting on Monday for the Vermont City Marathon in Burlington, VT.

I love having this training plan on my fridge, because the miles listed become non-negotiable. My training team includes Jen, Amy and Christine, who ran their first marathon in Maine on the same day I ran my first marathon in San Francisco (and our finishing times were amazingly, 2 minutes apart). Suzanne is joining us too for her first plunge into 26.2!! We chose the novice plan again just because we are all juggling this training with parenting and working and we don't have the time to do the more complicated plans. We'll all do the mid-week runs as we need to according to our schedules and meet up for the long runs on Saturday mornings. 90% of me is gung-ho and psyched to get going again on this. 10% of me can't believe it's time to start again.

Training for a marathon through the thick of a Maine winter seemed like a great idea in October. Running in the cold is a different animal. This morning, while I was struggling to breathe in the icy cold air, I decided that running outside in the winter is twice as hard but three times as rewarding. And makes me four times as good looking when I run.

Off I go!


Carver Fam said...

Holy legs Batman!

Yeah, I was thinking this morning, I better get used to the idea of running 10 miles on a treadmill because I don't think it will be warm enough for my lungs in 5 weeks to be on the road.

I'm getting ready for the ride!

ambinlovewlove said...

You are so hard core for running in the snowy cold! The 24in of snow we got here in VA has me looking for the nearest treadmill lol Happy Training:D

Mandy said...

Holy Moly...the winter is the toughest time for me! I did get me some of those shoe things finally!

Michelle said...

This is the most "hard core" thing I have EVER seen. Snow tire chains for your running shoes! Now I've seen everything!