Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's a new year!

We talked about New Year's Resolutions at dinner tonight. Skyler talked for about 20 minutes about what she would like in 2010, and the summary is this: "more ice cream, more swimming, and a new toothbrush." Sounds doable.

When I asked Reed what he hoped for in 2010, he said: "A new baseball bat!"
I said: "You just got a new baseball bat."
He said: "Oh yeah. I love my new baseball bat!"
So, I guess Reed is all set.

My resolutions are something like this:
more running (and faster), less controlling, more yoga, less hurrying, more baking, no processed food, more patience, less procrastinating, more reading, less laptop, more biking, and more family dinners.

I'm also going to work very hard NOT to make little movies about my kids every day. I'm already struggling.

Sam's resolutions (and I quote): "to lose a little around the tummy and the bottom and save more electricity." (author's note: Sam looks fantastic in both of those areas, he just wants to swim faster, and for the love of god, how little electricity can we use? He's very anti-lights. It's very dark romantic around here)

I am tempted to add a few resolutions for Sam here, but considering that I just wrote "less controlling," I better not. Plus, I'm sure he has a few (HA! A FEW!? HA HA HA!) he'd like me to add.

One thing we are going to work on as a couple is to do more stuff outside together, as opposed to always tag-teaming. I swear it's true: we never argue and we are much lighter and laughier when we are outside together. We fell in love in the woods after all. Our first date of the new year will be a cross-country skiing-then-out-to-dinner affair. Who's babysitting!?

(Did you know that only 6% of Americans keep their new year's resolutions? That's pretty bad.)


SNW said...

Stevie has some resolutions, and a brand new dog blog. Stay tuned..

Kirsten D said...

Our house is a bat cave--a romantic bat cave, I guess. R put every light on a dimmer and there are some light wars here and there. He also likes the volume on everything set on practically "whisper: or maybe "mumble." Maybe this is why I am liking my food spicier these days--my senses are starved! Less electricity is a good resolution though, it's hard to argue against it!

Michelle said...

I like your "no processed food" resolution. That's a hard habit to break but we are working on it!

If I lived up by you I would totally babysit... in exchange for baking time with you in your kitchen!! Yum Yum!!!

Carver Fam said...

It's true. I've been at your house and is very dark. I mean, romantic...

Good for all of you. I want the more ice cream resolution instead of the pull-up one. Can I switich with Skyler?

And Sammy? You are in fighting shape. I just wish I could stop thinking about swimming as much as you do so I TOO can eat a whole cheescake! Jeeesh!

Tiercy said...

I am so ready for the New Year's Resoultioners to quit and get the gymn back to normal and not so CROWDED...even at 5 in the morning.

Happy New Years!!!!