Saturday, January 30, 2010

JM detox

Last night, I had to put the Jillian Michaels' DVD away for a while because it is "broken" and needs to "be fixed at the shop." Reed had just lost control in a big way and was so incredibly obsessed with this exercise video that we could barely get him to focus on anything but "doing his exercises."

This morning, my decision was confirmed when I asked Reed if he wanted jelly on his bagel, and he said: (and I'm not making this up; I couldn't have ever thought of this):

"YES! I would love Jillian Michaels on my bagel."

We are now in workout video detox.


Lisa said...

there's gotta be a way you could get the news of her biggest fan's set-back to her...who knows, she might send her people your way for some therapy...and perhaps cut you a check for the possible publicity push. Sorry he's on detox, I'll try to make up the time for him...lord knows I could use it. :D

Jason said...

Thank you...maybe Roz will be spared the 7:30am workouts at Kimmie's house. Kimmie said she tries to get Reed's workouts in before the rest of the kids arrive...I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'!

Carver Fam said...

Poor Reedo. God you guys are mean.

Jason O'Reilly said...

There's no stopping him...he was doing jumping jacks in the kitchen at Kimmie's this morning!!

Michelle said...

She has other videos you know :)
Maybe I'll send you (him) some for your birthday, ha, ha!