Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3 projects that made me proud

In Outdoor Lit, I assigned students to make books that included their favorite quotations from outdoor authors and illustrations to match them. They all came out great, but these three are pretty amazing. You can double click on the photos to see them better.

Zoe: (watercolor paintings)

Marlee: (her own photos)

And Sam, who made his book on iPhoto (with all his own photos, many taken out west). It's an 8 x 11 hardcover book and it would knock your socks off.

Speaking of Outdoor Literature, I just got word that the class is cut for next year. I was devastated. This class has been my brightest spot at school, full of smart, eager kids, fresh air and my very favorite texts. However, I have to be realistic and understand the constraints of the budget, and that I am needed elsewhere due to the fact that at least one position is being cut in my department. Some people are going to lose their job, so I can graciously give up this one class (temporarily, we hope). It makes me love and appreciate even more the kids I have gotten to take on the this journey for 2 years.


Kelly Jane Dahl said...

Oh, Emilie, I'm so sorry to hear that your class is being cut. It is so hard to let go of something you love. Hold tight to your hope of bringing it back, along with all the other amazing ways you will continue to inspire creative life long learners.

Nancy said...

Em, from all I've seen, this class could easily be offered at the University level (if it was, I would take it!). I'm utterly amazed that a public school in Maine has ever offered anything so brilliant. You should fight to bring it back in the future. Either that or shop it around to other schools.

ambinlovewlove said...

...Or make it an after school activity:) So sorry to hear about your class being cut. I swear if they don't have it when Cherise gets to her new school I'll personally take up the mantle for it and I might be asking you for some good resources to check out :D

SNW said...

Ooh yes, so many of my favorite quotes all in one place. Gary! Mary! Walt! So happy they've all been introduced. Also, desperate to know where this Sam character had his book made?! Most impressive scrapbook, I am envious..

Natalie said...

You're losing it, and they're trying to bring it to Old Town ... Our department is moving to electives instead of American and Brit Lit survey courses in 11th and 12th grade. I suggested an outdoor lit because of how great yours sounded ... this is very sad for you!

Paige said...

Oh Emilie, what a tragedy. A true tragedy....the combination of nature and literature is something that every young person needs to experience for themselves. You definitely need to bring this back after next year!! Don't let them forget. I would use animoto or vuvox and have your students be the voice for you. Keep their spirit alive!!