Friday, February 5, 2010

FIrst race of 2010

Here is where I'm headed this weekend, with Meredith and Steph:

Cape Elizabeth (south, on the coast) for 10 miles of running in the cold and wind, and then some Mediterranean food and some birthday shopping to make a day of it. My expectations are low for the run, because I have a wicked deep bruise on my calf from a soccer injury that is making me limp and I've been doing much much more running on the treadmill than out in the cold, so I don't know how 10 miles will feel in the cold, but whatever!


Michelle said...

I will be thinking of you while I run on the treadmill this weekend in my nice warm house watching the snow (2 feet expected!!!) fall! You are brave indeed to run that far in this cold cold weather. My hat is off to you!