Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reed turns three!!!

Happy third birthday, to our crazy, beautiful, blonde little man.
Whatever did we do without you?

2 hours after birth, blonde and sleepy.

2 months old and cheeky at Aunt Liesel's

5 months old at mommy's first race, the Danskin Triathlon in Massachusetts

10 months old, crawling around in our old house.

1 year old!

2 years old at home.

3 years old! wearing the same shirt he was wearing at the Danskin Triathlon when he was 5 months old. He likes how it accentuates his muscles.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy.


Kelly Jane Dahl said...

Happy Birthday Reed!!! Hope to finally meet you in your third year!

Carver Fam said...

Happy Birthday big little guy. Here's to a year of Jillian Michaels (if we can spring it from the safe), pursuing your goal of being a Red Sox player, and eating lots of applesauce and sprinkles at my house. I remember your scrunched up red face and how you would sit in your car seat for HOURS. Long gone are those days of a kid who could show Ritalin a thing or two. Love you so much!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday dear Reed!! I so miss your bundles of sweetness and can't wait to see you this summer. Maybe Jillian detox will be over and we can work it out together. Love and miss you all!

Kirsten said...

What a sweet little guy! I was wondering, did you permit a birthday workout with Jillian?