Tuesday, February 23, 2010

top ten signs that Reed's Jillian Michaels addiction has reached new heights

(This is for you, Caitlin)

10. Reed: "Knock knock!"
me: "who is there?"
Reed: "Jillian Michaels."
me: "Jillian Michaels who?"
Reed: (laughs hysterically)

9. The first thing Reed does when he gets home every day is run upstairs to change out of his clothes and into his bathing suit and "exercise shirt" (one of three acceptable t-shirts) so he can do the workout DVD.

8. He then says to one of us, at least 43 times, "Can you help me find my hand weights?" Because they are always missing. And I've forgotten that it is even weird that he has his own hand weights.

7. He's very interested in sports bras. "Look at Jillian Michaels' bra! I need a bra. Is this a big-boy bra?" (holding up one of his t-shirts). I've started calling his t-shirts "bras." God help me.

6. He regularly uses phrases like: "Let's get to work." "Okay, hit it." "Do you want results?" and "Ready? Let's begin."

5. He says to the grocery baggers and the librarian: "I have to tell you sumpin'! My old Jillian Michaels' DVD got scratched. But I got a new one!" He then stands there and does some cardio, usually some "backwards windmills."

4. The two "back-up girls" in the first JM DVD are named Natalie and Anita. So, Reed likes to play "I'll be Jillian Michaels, you be Natalie." Skyler has to be Anita. He gets really frustrated with me and says "NATALIE!!!" over and over until I say "Yes, Jillian Michaels?"

3. One night he asked me if we could call Natalie. "What would you say to Natalie if you got her on the phone?" He said: "I would say: 'are you doing your exercises?'" Naturally.

2. At his 3-year birthday party, the "activity" that pleased him the most was doing his new JM workout DVD, but he would have rather just done it alone because his friends weren't as focused as he prefers.

1. He did the entire cardio sequence in the pediatrician's office at his 3-year well visit. Dr. Burch asked: "Does he get enough exercise?" and he hopped off the table, put his hands on his hips, and said: "Ready? Let's begin." She was thrilled by this. She said: "Do you know how nice this is to see after all the kids I see playing their hand-held video games and eating chips?" She then said: "Is he always like this?"

Um, she has no idea.


Carver Fam said...


Kirsten said...

I'm still laughing from this post! Ready, let's begin.

Nancy said...

I'm thinking Reed might be the perfect personal trainer for me. You should start renting him out. Take him to the gym and have him perch on top of the equipment to provide encouragement. I can see the whole line of Reed-o products now: DVDs, kale smoothies, men's running bras.... Seriously, though, I think I need to buy the JM dvd for the fam. I THINK I know someone who endorses it...!

ambinlovewlove said...

Bless his little heart :D May he always have this laser like focus about his healthy habits lol

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

That is the sweetest, cutest thing ever :) You must be a super cool mom!

Erin said...

This is priceless! I can't wait to have my own children!! ~TheHealthyApron.com

The Marketing Mama said...

LOL - I saw your link on Jillian's facebook page and had to click over. My 4 year old has a lot in common with your son - including wanting to wear sports bras. He asks me every day if we are going to work out and tries to influence what level I should choose.

Unlike your son, though, he gets tired and usually falls asleep on the couch half way through. Of course it is close to his bedtime. :) Thanks for the laughs!