Saturday, February 27, 2010

week 5: check

Jen and I survived a very cold and soggy 10-miler at 7 this morning. We started off with our other friend Andrea, but at mile 3, we sent her and her 8-minute-mile self on her way, and Jen and I alternated between cruising and suffering along. Interesting thing about long runs: you never can predict when you're going to feel good, like the wind itself, or when you're going to feel like your legs are full of sand.

After I got home, Jen wrote me a note that said: "Thanks for pulling me along this morning," which is exactly how I was feeling about her throughout the whole run. That's the beauty of a training bud. We took turns pushing and pulling.

When we got home, we were soaked to the bone and very cold, but hot coffee and a hot shower amended that quickly.


Amy said...

You guys rock! Not only did you run 10 miles at a great pace, you did it in the rain and slush and cold. Very tough and very impressive :) Congrats on conquering another week!