Thursday, March 25, 2010

discussing what to bring to my friend Stephani's birthday potluck:

Skyler: "We should definitely bring hot dogs."
Me: "Well, we can't bring hot dogs because Stephani doesn't eat meat. She's a vegetarian."
Skyler: "What's a vegetarian?"
Me: "She doesn't eat meat because meat comes from animals, and Stephani doesn't believe in eating animals."
Skyler: (thinks about that for a bit). How can she not believe in eating meat when there definitely is meat?"
Me: "Well, it's not that she doesn't believe that there is meat, she just doesn't think you should eat animals."
Reed: "I love meat!"
Skyler: "Are grapes meat?
Me: "No. Grapes are a fruit, so they are a plant. Stephani only eats plants."
Reed: (worried) "You never, ever eat plants!"
Me: "Right. We don't eat plants when we are playing outside, but we do eat fruits and vegetables, and those are plants."
Skyler: "So, we should bring grapes. Do you think Stephani likes grapes?"



SNW said...

I LOVE GRAPES! How thoughtful of your babies. :) Can't wait. There will be some other cuties there..

Laurel said...

Totally hilarious! Jaeda had fun playing with your kids this evening. Thank goodness our friend Sefik arrived just as you left, or she woulda' broken down! The fruit was great...I assume you brought that, since there were grapes?!