Thursday, March 18, 2010

A few remarkable things:

The weather in Maine has been unbelievable for March. March is usually so blah, so muddy and slushy. Instead, we have had a great, long stretch of record-breaking 60 degree weather and sunshine. I ran yesterday in a sleeveless shirt for the first time all season, and I was hot. It was beautiful. And even on a hilly, windy run, I made 6 miles in less than an hour, which pleased me, yes it did.

A health/food blogger (whom I don't know) gave my blog a "SUNSHINE Award" and wrote a blurb about the blog in her list of 12 award winners. Pretty cute. I love being described as "quirky" and "fit." And her name is Erin. Check out The Healthy Apron for great, healthy recipes. Thanks, Erin!

And speaking of sunshine and Erin, Erin Woolley's memorial service is on Saturday, a day appropriately forecasted to be 70 degrees and sunny. Her obituary is a beautiful tribute to how much she accomplished and inspired in her 26 years. Friends and family are asked to wear bright colored party dresses to the service in Erin's honor. The sunshine, I think, will help everyone remember that we are to celebrate Erin's life, and honestly, everyone will need the help to make sense of this tremendous loss.

I feel inspired to do something, and may be getting involved in a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training event again. I don't know. I just get so worked up when I think about this disease. I feel like screaming and shaking my fists, but maybe I could do something more productive? It just feels like the treatments were so promising for both my dad and for Erin, and each of them made great progress in beating it, but just not enough progress before they ran out of time. I'm thinking about it, anyway. I wonder if any of you readers would join me in a Team in Training event?


SNW said...

Yes, looked up this team in training business yesterday-- I'm just not sure how it works with moving in August and all of that. More research must be done. (But I did find a race in Boulder this August!)

Kelly Jane Dahl said...


Been thinking about you. Sending you lots of love.


Michelle said...

Possibly... Todd is looking at me... and laughing.

ann said...

I don't think things happen accidently. Interesting that your blog award came from an Erin. Need I say more?