Friday, March 12, 2010

it was red and shiny and within his reach

Yesterday, Reed went with Sam to pick up Skyler at Kindergarten, and while they were there, Reed pulled the fire alarm.

And all the kids on the playground had to line up against the fence to wait for the firetruck to come give the all-clear.

And Reed, together with his stellar reputation, is starting at this same school this summer.

Skyler was very calm about this. She said: "Well, it isn't a big deal to line up against the fence because that is what we always do for fire drills."
"Mom, he didn't know it was a fire alarm."

This morning on the way to school, Reed said: "I do NOT want to go back to that classroom where the fire drill is so loud."

Skyler explained that the alarm wasn't sounding anymore, that they turned it off.

Reed said: "Oh, thanks. Now I do want to go back to that classroom!

Guess there are no long-lasting scars here. But, I bet the teachers are all clamoring to get Reed in their class next year!

p.s. Huge thanks to my friend Amy for designing the cool new header on the blog!


Michelle said...

Sooooo funny! and why wouldn't they want him? If I were his teacher I would hint (On sunny days of course) that it might be nice to have a fire drill and have to go outside and then nudge him close to that red shiny and within his reach item... ahem...