Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stay tuned...

Dear Readers,
Bloggy things: they are a-changin'! After I posted here about my idea to start a new blog, it took me about 24 hours to come to my senses. So I'm not going to start a new blog at all! Even better: I'm just going to change the face and the name of this one, and adjust the content just slightly. This blog is truly a warm and happy place to me; writing here is one of my favorite things to do, and I didn't want to turn away from it and start from scratch. Staying right here and writing more seemed like the way to go. The post in which I asked for your feedback began a flurry of emails and phone calls from my friends and advisers. I found out that lots of you have very strong opinions about this blogging world, and I took everything into account, and made the decisions that felt right for me.

I want to continue to write about my kids, our adventures, their hilarity, our family, my running progress and race reports. I also want to continue to document our quest to eat real, healthy food. So, I'm framing this new-ish blog as an overall healthy family blog. Which means that not much will change except I won't feel ashamed to photograph and post about what we are eating for dinner. Many nights, I look at my dinner and want to post about it. I take photos of my food all the time and have only posted a small fraction of those photos. No more! I might even start a feature called: What's for dinner? Because maybe you do care!

I have no idea if anything will change in terms of readership or advertising, and I'm not at all concerned about it. I am just excited to be making these small changes and we'll just see what happens.

Gigantic thanks to everyone who helped me fine-tune my ideas. You encouraged me and asked me questions and gave me great advice. {Joanne, Michael, Kirsten, Sylvia, Nancy, Emily, Michelle, Maria, Steph, Christie, Amy, Jen, Christine, Suzanne, Liesel, Mom, and Ann.}

Thanks to my chief consultant (my brother Chris), my agent (my brother Chris), the art department (again, Chris) and my designer (hi, Chris!)

Thanks to Kelly who not only phoned and emailed me about blog ideas, but is also trying to teach me/convince me how to tweet on Twitter (God help me.)

And thanks to my clever friend Laura who came up with the new blog name! (I'll tell you soon!)

I've already changed some things around, so take a look. There are now tabs up there that will help you find your way around. I also tagged almost all of the posts by topic, so if you look over there (to the right) you can search through old posts by category. (For instance, there are 43 posts about crazy kids, and 33 posts about running; the crazier the kids get, the more I go running.)

Give me about a week to get everything sorted out and switched over. Check back very soon for the big move!


Cat said...

As a non-target-audience reader (aka, I don't have kids, I hardly run, I don't live in Maine, and I have little access to many of the yummy ingredients available State-side) I am soooo relieved to hear you won't be leaving for a different frontier! Despite being traditionally non-target, I think I actually am your target in a round about way...

I love reading about your crazy cute kids (I teach lots of them), I am trying to build running into my routine more, I live in a place with a long winter (though not so snowy!), and I have a whole host of other yummy ingredients at my disposal. So what am I saying?

You encourage me to do my best with the kids in my life, exercise well, and eat well, too. Plus, you write well (which I clearly don't as this comment shows!) I applaud your choice and look forward to reading and drooling over your healthy American food pictures.

Then again, I get to put a Japanese twist on your menus (for example I add "ao jiru" a Japanese green veggie juice to my smoothies, along with carrot and orange juice since we don't have kale or POM juice) ;-) That said, I raise my glass to you, Emilie! Keep up the great writing and we will continue to read with delight!


Kelly Dahl said...

Your redesigns look great so far Em! You've inspired me to do some of my own, so thanks for that (always a process tho).

I love hearing how you sorted through all the ideas and advice and drive and motivation and you are coming out with something that is truly You. That process is so inspiring and a beautiful thing to behold. I am so glad that you shared the whole process with all of us.

Lisa said...

Glad you decided to stay as is - very wise, I think. As you can see from Cat's post, your fans in Japan will keep reading. And..as you can see from her post, she can write!! We're ready and waiting for the switch...bring it on! Come to Japan someday if you want inspiration for healthy food - it's a plenty here...even in school lunches! -Lisa

Christine said...

If you go to Japan I want to go. Do they have marathon relays there?

Ellen said...

As you might know, if I am on my computer making comments on blogs or facebook, it means I'm ON VACATION!!!!! Hooray. So now that I've seen it - I do like the new look, title and concepts - great photos, entertaining comments. Skyler and Reed look so adorable. Your running energy is awesome and inspiring, well, so is your writing! I will check it out during the week and then again this summer. I must say that my work as a California public elementary school teacher/ union president and CTA State Council member/ community clinic board member/etc. is very demanding and time-consuming! The exciting hope is that I may retire next June (2011) and then I will have more time for wonderful people and places like you and your blog!

your aunt, Ellen