Monday, March 22, 2010

the summer rain!

Last Sunday morning, I took the kids for a hike in the woods and I wanted to make it all meaningful and stuff, so on the way there, I told them to think of a few things they were thankful for, because we were going to talk about being thankful while we were hiking.

And so, in the car ride, it was like this: argue, argue, argue, complain, complain, complain, argue, argue, argue. And then when I released them from their car seats, and they were bounding into the woods, it was all sweetness and light and everyone was so happy. The woods: the antidote to all sibling rivalry and mommy stress.

After we hiked for a while, we sat on a bench and started being thankful. I said I was thankful for the beautiful woods in the springtime and for time with my sweet Skyler and my sweet Reedo.

Skyler said: "I'm thankful for chocolate and can we go and get some after this?"

Reed said: "I'm thankful for my summer rain."

Summer rain?

I thought "DID YOU HEAR THAT PEOPLE?? I have a young POET here in the woods!"

And I said: "You are thankful for summer rain? That is so wonderful, Reed. I also love a nice summer rain."
And Skyler said: "NO MOM. Submarine. He's thankful for his toy submarine."

So I stood corrected, and then we all hiked on.


Michelle said...

Did you answer with, "Yes Jillian Michaels. Of course you should also be thankful for that AND your numerous workout videos and 3 yr old following!"

He's so cute! He has a fan club down here in MD who thinks his workout antics are hilarious!

Ayone told Jillian about her biggest fan? i keep expecting a blog post about her dropping by to meet him!

SNW said...

cracking up, to tears. YES!

Amy said...

thanks for the laugh! too cute - and oh so familiar :) At dinner, we try to talk about things that we're thankful for, and more often than not, we'll hear "ice cream" and "legos" when it's the kiddos turn...

Nancy said...

Laughed 'til I cried, Em!

Baute Family said...

wow.... the schedule thing is awesome and sounds like you have a perfect life my dear friend.... you have done such a great job! I'm so proud of you. I wish I could say my life was so structured and balanced. I guess I've always done things the most ass backwards way.
The Summer rain story made me laugh outloud ( which is odd at my job) Can we switch jobs? yours sounds like such a better match for me. I figured out the perfect term for me last year... i'm creatively trapped! I am working on this but it's hard to find a way out of the "job." anyway, i love you and the blog sounds great!In fact I was considering doing the same in different format (on creating, oddly enough.)we'll see...

ann said...

I am LOL! I bet one of your kids will turn into that poet! Maybe both. How can they not?

I do wish we lived closer!

Kirsten said...

Great moment! There are some poetic moments on our adventures, but mostly there are chocolate moments. What's not poetic about chocolate and submarines though?!