Monday, March 29, 2010

Water Boy

If Reed isn't in the pool or the bath or the shower, he is standing at the sink washing dishes. Or rather, pouring water from one bowl to another, whisking it, mixing in bubbles, making "soup" and keeping himself entertained (and out of my hair) for an hour or more at a time, while I cook happily beside him.


Joanne said...

Your Blog changes are terrific! Nice arrangement, miss the cool photos at top though. Is the organization through Blogspot/Blogger format options or something else? I am looking to have my writing go full screen across and I don't seem to find it on blogger formats. You must have a special tech agent!?

Emilie said...

Hey Joanne! Thank you! So far, I've done everything myself by reading and re-reading the directions on blogger tip websites until I can figure it out. There are some (bigger) changes coming soon, and the photos will be back at the top. Stay tuned!