Saturday, March 27, 2010

week 9: check

We are officially half way through our training. The Vermont Marathon is 9 weeks away.

Today was a 10-miler (a step-back week after 12 and 13 miles the previous weekends), and I woke up with a sore throat and a bad attitude. I mean, it was 18 degrees out.

Good thing my friends showed up. Many feet make light work.

Also, I had some new Asics to stretch out. My old pair was dead after 483.8 miles in 7 months. FYI: keeps track of all of this for me. You see one week at a time over there ---> but I have all sorts of data (how much mileage on each pair of shoes, how many calories burned per run, monthly totals, and my weight). I love data. And I love my new Kayanos.

Go running mamas. We have 13 kids between us.

The sun was shining brightly, so we did fine after all, except for one painful 2-mile stretch that had us running right into an icy wind. We all also experienced a new pitfall of cold-weather running: the liquid in our camelbak hoses froze during mile 1, so we all carried like a half gallon of gatorade on our run without being able to drink any of it. Didn't know that could happen! Good to know. I made up for it with lots of hot coffee and pancakes when we got back.

Happy Saturday!


Christine said...

I lifted your pics. Thanks!

Carver Fam said...

I think we look like an advertisement. Black pants and colorful tops... what would we be the face of? Some running product or maybe our tag line could be "everybody needs a little time away." Many feet make lighter work is good too...