Saturday, March 6, 2010

"What happened at Poetry Out Loud State Finals," you ask?

Will at POL from Emilie Manhart on Vimeo.


Paige said...

I knew it! As soon as I saw your note on FB--Will won again!! I am so excited for you, for him, for his family. Oh, wouldn't his teacher please let you take their place in coming down here!

And of course, I sit here crying like a baby! What a wonderful thing you are doing for your students and they are doing for themselves.

ann said...

How exciting! I'm with Paige--you need to come with Will! Please keep us informed as to when the nationals are! Will he do the same 3 poems he did last year?

Go Will!

moss said...
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Amy said...

Congrats to Will and to you too! :)