Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Any Questions?

I've been asked three or four questions lately about running or cooking via email, and I've also been encouraged by some very persuasive people to do regular Q an A sessions on the blog, where you ask me a few questions and I write the answers in a blog post, and so I'm thinking about finally doing it.

Frankly, I've been really timid to do this because I am no expert on any of this stuff, but, I'm going to be brave and ask for your suggestions and then do my best.  Anything you'd like to ask about marathon training, teaching, baking, or parenting two wild kids? 

There must be some of you out there who just started running, or are thinking about maybe someday starting to run and have some questions?  Would you like to know just how old our house is?  Or how often we actually drink green monsters?  What my favorite book is?  Favorite poet?

So, comment or email, but ask away.  You can ask me anything and I'll answer it.  I think.


Michelle said...

All right!! You asked for it :) I have tons of questions!!

1 What is a tempo run and how and why should you do these?

2 What are your personal "must haves" while running? (clothing, gear, hydration stuff, watches etc)

3 How old is your house with the "ax murderer" basement? Just kidding:)

4 Is it normal to be so freaked out by the realization that after my race this weekend that I will wake up Monday morning and NOT have a race to train for that I have been scouring the internet for races to sign up for?????

5 You wrote in your last food post that the meat in that particular dish is really the only meat you eat ony more... why is that?

OK I'm gonna stop with those. But I do have one announcement... I went for it and signed up for my first official marathon!! It's in Richmond, VA in November! Sooooo excited!!!

Jen Gordon said...

I trained for a marathon years ago and had to back down to a half marathon because the time it took to training runs was just too much for the family.

How do you find time with the kids to do it? When do you run? Morning/Afternoon/Evening?

And just out of pure curiosity- what's the longest you've run on a treadmill? I knew someone that did 16 mile on a tready and I was shocked. I get so bored.

Laura said...


Do you have any advice on how to keep up with running in the winter? Ha, I know, it's so many months away, but...

This is my situation: for the past six-odd years, I have always taken up running when the weather is nice, but the second it gets too cold out I quit. Can't breathe in that cold air! Muscles freeze! This spring, I feel like I am finally breaking through into being able to go long distances and I am loving it more than I ever have in the past, but I could sure use some tips on what to do come November!

Joanne said...

Did you ever get shin splints from running on pavement for so many miles (when you are unable to do runs in City forest)? Especially in the beginning of getting into distance running years ago?
Do you do most of your stretching after a run?
And what are your thoughts on flexibility and preventing injury in distance running?

SoulSister said...

Would you share ten vivid NELP memories...ahhhhhhh.... :)

Michelle said...

I know that this is supposed to be "ask Emilie" but if I could make a suggestion to Joanne who asked about stretching? I personally do most of my stretching after my runs. It was recommended to me to try yoga when I was having knee issues so I bought a DVD that has 5 20 minute yoga sessions on it. I try to do one after each time I run and it has made a world of difference to me.
Hope that helps a little bit.

Kirsten said...

I am wondering how much I should let myself enjoy running in these early weeks (I'm about to finish week 3 as of tomorrow morning) vs. how much to push myself. i am very (very) content to not move up to the next week's level if I feel that the current week's level is just difficult enough that I can't day dream...

Pretty sure that's not the way to go if I ever want to run a marathon. Shhh...I might fantasize about this a little.

So what do you think--for a very beginning beginner, is it ok to just sort of repeat weeks if I feel like it or is this kind of like cheating?

FrauB said...

Wondering if you have any books/websites to recommend for someone looking to start running more seriously. Not totally out of shape (though just had a baby), not a stranger to running, but wanting to take it a little more seriously. And very excited about that.

Nancy said...

OK, I'm really, really, really new at this so it's based entirely on personality rather than ability that I totally "get" the need for the training plan on the fridge (or, in my case, in a notebook on my desk at work, 'cause let's face it, that's where I live). So Hal Higdon got me through learning how to run and an 8-week 5k plan. Now I have this cavernous space before it's time to start the 12-week half marathon training and I've tried to fill it in in a reasonable way, but I think I need professional help. What I really want is a Higdon 20-week plan. Any thoughts?!? Also, we're trying to incorporate some road races into our summer plans and I'm not sure when to put them in strategically. Specifically, when would be good to shoot for a 10k in relation to the Half in September? New subject: I seem to have developed a mental block on running outdoors. I enjoy it and want to do more, but I simply cannot keep running the whole time. I get way out of breath and have to take walking breaks on shorter distances than my track runs where I go with no breaks. And I'm fairly positive my pace is consistent. Is it really that much harder to negotiate fairly easy terain than it is to run circles on the cushy track? Finally: more recommendations for clothing, please. Where are your favorite places to shop and who has the best deals? Amazon is great but I need to try clothes on. Is it too much to ask for a reasonably priced running bra that offers some support but isn't torture to get on and off? Also, I'm hoping that things I purchase now will be "transition items" since I'm going to be oh so svelte in a few months... Got all that?!

SNW said...

where are you in your tattoo planning?! i want another one that relates to mt. k. or more trees. we shall see.

emily.lindsay1 said...

I second the request for NELP memories!

Also, as a swimmer how did you transition from swimming to running? Was it a huge, prolonged effort? If so how did you push through? Or did it just come naturally to you?