Tuesday, April 13, 2010

life in the kitchen

When Kelle over at Enjoying the small things asked her readers to think about the parts of their home that are most filled with life, and to send her photos of these places (she had a little contest, it was very cool to look at the photos she posted), I started to look at my house differently.  Instead of seeing clutter and chaos, I started thinking about all the life and love that fills our house, and how it gravitates towards certain pockets.

In our house, the hot spot is the kitchen.  Sam and I both spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning, (and baking if you're me), and the kids just like to be where the action is.  They don't so much go upstairs to play without us yet;  they follow us around and play at our feet.  It occurred to me looking at these pictures that someday they won't be sitting on the floor of the kitchen while I'm cooking.  They'll be out and about, doing their own thing.  That perspective certainly helps me to shift from seeing them as in the way to appreciating their presence.

I snapped a few photos this weekend of the typical scene around the kitchen.

We made dinner for our great friends Jody and Justin on Saturday.  While I was prepping, Skyler was working on a flower centerpiece while Reed was drumming on bread pans.

In the foreground, you can also see that Skyler worked very hard to display and style her play-do ice cream dishes.  She put them on that platter and asked me to photograph them, that little future food blogger.

Jody and Justin's blondies joined the kids for dinner, right in the middle of the action.

This one is from the next morning.  Reed is mixing the pancakes and Skyler is setting up camp in the corner.

30 minutes later, Skyler was done eating, and had dragged in more toys; Reed was back at the table for more, pajamas now on the floor.
Sam was sleeping,
a pie was cooling,
sun was making our grass pots grow (our great babysitter Marlee did these with the kids.  See how well they're growing, Marlee?)

And Reed was serving up pretend ice cream.  This is our life in the kitchen.
See?  Now you can look at dirty dishes, piles of clothes, and fingerprints on the walls as little signs of life and love. 

What is the center of action in your home?


Nancy said...

I want to live at your house! Seriously though, I can't even keep up with reading your blog, much less emulating your life. I do think that creating those pockets of wonderful, loved and loving spaces may be a useful approach to getting the kids (all 5 of us!) to clean and organize our house.

Nancy said...

PS: tell us about the painting over your kitchen table. I love it!

SNW said...

Oh lord! I went to Kelle's blog and read her baby story. Then I criiiiiiied myself to a migraine and some aspirin! Jeez.

Claudia said...

hi Emilie, great chatting with you tonight!
Funny, this is what my kitchen is like.
I'm constantly in the kitchen and my kids are always there with me. I remember Kevin being a baby, he would always play at my feet while I was cooking. Or I would sit him on the counter and hand him a spoon to play with.
It is the centre of our home for sure.

brooke wakefield said...

great post and reminder!

emily said...

Emilie- Do you know the photographer Tierney Gearon? I love her work and I think you may like it. Her new book Explosure is going to blow your mind! Naked kids and mom multiple exposure madness.

Kirsten said...

What a great idea to look at a room in that way. I spend so much time picking up and removing the evidence of our day each evening that I forget there won't always be dinosaurs and every kitchen utensil on the floor and stuffed into couch cushions. I'd like to give this a shot at my house this week or next. And I will try to also cherish the messes I find from our geriatric cats.