Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A much needed getaway

Only 3 more days until our Spring break.  If you are a teacher or a student, you already know that the stretch between February break and Spring break is 8 looooooooong weeks.  This is the endurance-event part of the school year.  At this point, everyone is a little burned out and ready for some rest and rejuvenation. 

My running friends and I have planned a little micro-vacation together, just something to start our week off with some fun and new scenery.  As soon as school gets out on Friday, we are headed to Portland for dinner out, overnight in a hotel, and then we'll do our 12 mile run in the morning, followed by a day of shopping.  Perfect.  Just what I need.  I love the idea of doing our long run on the coast with new things to look at... we've been running around in giant circles around here and it will be great to mix things up.

Running, my friends, great food, wine, hotel, shopping, children free.  Please and thank you.  3 more days!



Amy said...

So excited for this weekend! Can't wait :)

Heather said...

Enjoy your night in Portland!

My husband and I have a weekend in Portland booked for May - if you find any good restaurants, let me know!

Ali said...

Spring break is the best! Hope you have fun!

Jennifer said...

We definitely need to have lunch at Flatbread this weekend. The best pizzas and salad...all organic...and it overlooks the harbor. And shopping. Oh, and running, of course :)

Christine said...

And don't forget the trip to the Nike Factory Store for our matching marathon outfits!