Friday, April 23, 2010

Running isn't the hard part

Trying to plan our long runs on the weekends is logistically hilarious.  There are 7 of us, with 13 kids, and many of us have partners who work (or swim!) on weekends, so there are often babysitters involved.  We usually start to lay down the plan during the week, and our message threads are getting longer and more complicated with each week.  This week, we also registered for a 4-mile trail race that we are sticking right in the middle of our 18 mile run.  So, we need to get to the race (by running) and then do the race (running) and then run some more back to our starting point for a total of 18.   And what will we do with the t-shirts that the race will give out?  (Susan is in Florida, but it would not be unlike us to try to accommodate her plans too)

This thread on Facebook started LAST WEEK when I was in Utah, and carried over until last night.  

CHRISTINE:  Jen, Shelley and Emilie - We missed you this morning.
Shelley - I hope everyone feels better soon. Enjoy your vacation!
Suzanne, Susan and Amy - Thanks for the run this morning.
Amy - You rocked it!
Susan - Have fun in FL. I hope the remainder of your run went well. You ran fast as I went to put something outside for you and you were already gone!

Now on to a plan for the 18 miler to include the 4 mile Rabbit Run. How cool that we get a T-shirt for a training run! I love it!

ANDREA:  I was wondering what the plan was for next weekend. It's 18, right? And, were we incorporating the Epic Sports Rabbit Run? Because I need to sign up for that, then. Parke's on call that weekend -- UGH! - so I need to set up some babysitting for the run. Any thoughts on what time? I thought if we started with the Rabbit Run, then there's a good 14 mile loop that would take us to Fox Hollow - aka Jen & -- who would ever term 14 miles as a "good" loop?

EMILIE:  Hey girls! I just ran the city forest loop twice and it was so beautiful. I'm excited for Saturday (um, I think). I was thinking of the following plan:
Let's map out a spot that is 10 miles from city forest (I'll do this) and meet there at 7 am. Before that, someone should drop off a car at city forest. Then, we'll run 10 miles to c.f, arriving at around 8:50, run the race, and then do either 1) run the loop again, or 2) run a 2 mile out and back on the road that ends up back at the parking lot.

What do you think? Looks like the weather will be good.

SUZANNE:  I like this idea! I have a sitter I can pick up at 6:30 so I might ask that we make it 7:30...but wait when does rabbit run start? Andrea sent a message wanting to forego the rabbit. I'm game for anything. I'm excited! Do they have water at Rabbit Run and do I pay to register??

AMY:  Just saw Andrea's note about not being able to start until 9. Does anyone need to start (and finish) early? Who's all in for Saturday's run too?

Christine and I were talking a little about logistics this morning and I was mapping out some potential routes this afternoon (just got pulled away by kiddos before I could share any). It's 4 miles from Christine's to the end of Kittredge Rd and 10 miles from Emilie's to the same spot. Emilie's and Andrea's proposals sounded fine to me, but just thought I'd throw one more idea into the mix: We could start somewhere around 8 and do 4 from Christine's to the race (warmup), do 4 at the race where Andrea could join us (either before or after), run the 4 back to Christine's, then do a 6 mile loop from there. We've done a decent flat one that heads over to the Mount Hope area and back. Gives a few outs depending on people's schedules... but does mean that Christine has to host our pit stop again (if you're getting tired of it, Christine, please just say the word!)  Suzanne - I haven't done it before but I bet they have water at the end of the race. You can register there (I think) or at Epic Sports...

ANDREA:  Amy's idea works best for me -- I could probably then meet you at the end of the race -- do 10 with you -- and finish with 8 myself.....but, again, whatever you guys decide, I'll work around that. Oh, to be 20 again (my sitter) and think that 9am is an "early" morning! :) See you Saturday, however we figure it out.

EMILIE:  Hey,  maybe we could compromise and do this? 6 miles TO city forest (starting point yet to be determined), 4 mile race, 6 miles back and then a 2 mile bonus tagged on? I'd like to be done on the early side, but if we started at 7:45, we'd be done in good time for me. Andrea, you could meet us at the race and do the bulk of it with us (er, I mean ahead of us) and then you'd have 6 to do on your own. I can map it out.
EMILIE:  oh wait, I just realized that Andrea wanted to meet us at the end of the race... sorry. that might not work then...
EMILIE:  well, if we want to go with the 7:45 ish plan, then Cascade park is a good starting point that gives us a 6.1 mile route to the start of the race (where i think it is... tripp road parking lot?), and then 6.1 back with easy options to make it 2 miles longer.
the road route, in case you wonder, includes mt. hope, state street, chase road and stillwater.

JEN:  emilie, the race starts at the Kittredge Road entrance...and they do have water at the end (at least they did last year...i ran it then. and it was a fast moving race)

EMILIE:  thanks jen... in that case, do you know where on kittredge? at the end of it?

JEN: drive in all the way to the end.

SUZANNE:  I am totally lost. I don't really care and I appreciate all the thought that is going into it from all of you. I would like to start 7:30 ish or 7:45 and run 18 miles somewhere and if someone tells me where to go I will love you forever.

EMILIE:  Don't worry, everyone. I'll come up with a 7:30 ish meeting place and I'll have the route all figured out. Suzanne, you and I can drive together. deeeeeeeeep breeeeaaaaaath.

SUZANNE:  Oh, Em. What would I do without you?

EMILIE:  Okay, well the plan to meet at 7:30 at Cascade park in Bangor works for me, Suzanne and Christine (I talked to them both today) so I'm wondering if this would also work for everyone else. Christine and I will drop off a car at the city forest parking lot so that we can stash our race shirts in there after the race and then restock on gatorade and water (I'll pack a cooler). We can run 7 miles to the race, run the race, and then 7 miles back to the car. Amy, Jen, and Andrea, please chime in and let us know if that is doable for you all. Hope you enjoyed the day today!

JEN:  fine for me. where is cascade park?

 EMILIE:  cascade park is on state street by the hospital... with the fountains? you know that one?

JEN:  yup...sounds good.

ANDREA:  I bribed my sitter (with a little extra cash) to come at 7:30, so I'll get to the park a bit behind you, but will try to catch up by the time we reach the race. Sounds good. C U then. Thanks for planning this.

AMY:  should work fine. I'll plan to be ready to go at 7:30. Same route? State-Chase-Stillwater-Kittredge? thanks for planning.
CHRISTINE:  Maybe it's a relief that my computer was down again. Holy mackerel this takes a lot of planning! Thanks for all the thought you're putting into this. I'll be where I'm supposed to be when I'm supposed to be there. Thanks again.

 No wonder we all get nervous for our long runs!   It's a miracle when we all get to the right place at the right time.  I'll spare you the details of the 49 messages where we all decided what to wear for the marathon, matching outfits, yes, yes.  

At the same time, there was another thread going with plans for a play date for this morning.  It is like 25 messages long at this point, and I'm about to go out the door.    Phew!

Did I mention yet how much I love my friends?


Carver Fam said...

Oh God. We sound totally neurotic when I read it from the outside...

Michelle said...

You all must be exhausted before you ever start to run :)

Here's to sisters and good friends and the funny e-mail exchanges they bring!!

Lisa said...

This seems exhausting, but I'm so jealous of your women's running group. Coming from me who went to, ran, finished, and just came home all alone after her first half. boo hoo...pity party for me. : ( Wish I could join you all. You're so fortunate to have each other. Enjoy! Happy running! I'll be thinking of you on my run...starting now.