Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Break Fun Fest

I had the greatest spring break.  I got a vacation and a visit with my family in sunny Utah (while it rained in Maine) and then I got a week with my kids full of sunshine, friends, and the outdoors.

On Friday, my friend Jen had a bunch of us over to her house, which is like Disney Land to my kids because of all their space, toys, and play structures.

A John Deere tractor, driven by Skyler.  Yikes.

And if that wasn't enough, Jen also rented one of those legit, gigantic bounce houses for all of us, that had to be delivered in a truck. Just for the play date. I actually bounced in it myself for a while, and it just makes you laugh uncontrollably when you are an adult even, so just imagine these kids.  I kind of imagine heaven to be a giant bounce house, actually.

How will we top this?


Carly said...

Now that's my kind of play date! Bounce houses really are the greatest...