Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday's Race: wait, what?

Today, 4/20, at 4:20 pm was the Healthy High 5K at the University of Maine.  I guess it was the University's attempt to counteract the big smoke-in that happens at the same time?  A little silly, I know, but a race nonetheless.  My friend Nancy (far left above) just started running this year with the goal to run a half marathon in September, and today was her very first race, her first big milestone in her training journey.   Her husband Alan (in blue) took up running (again) too so they could tackle this together.  Nancy claims she started running after reading my blog, and it has been so so cool to track her excellent progress as she went from not being able to run a half mile at the start of the year to this race today, where I watched her power up the hill to the finish line in a true show of her new-found strength.  Our friend Jen, far right, was there also for support of Nancy and Alan and to run the race herself.

Of course, I wanted to be there to support Nancy and Alan, but I also find it hard to just watch a race, so I decided sometime this morning to run it too (pushing 80 pounds of Manharts in the double stroller...good grief).   This is only the second time I've run with both kids in that stroller, and it was interesting.  Skyler went right to sleep, tucked in with 2 blankets.  Reed tried wiggling out of his straps at mile .01, and then started to cry.  I told him "Just a little longer!  Don't worry!"  He cried for about a quarter of a mile, and everyone around me looked over their shoulder thinking, "Really?  You're going to run this race with your kid screaming the whole time?"  He finally settled down, but said:  "Can I get out now?"  to which I responded "Just a little farther" about 49 times. 

A few of you already know this firsthand, but I love to encourage people to start running, and I love even more seeing them chip away at their running goals.    And I just loved hooting and howling at Nancy as she crossed the finish line today;  I know just how she felt. 

Congratulations, Nancy and Alan!  BRAVO!


SNW said...

How dare you come to my school and not tell me! I decided not to run the race today, though-- largely due to a ridiculous 19 yr old student who rattled off a list of his friends who would beat me and asked if i ran a 45 minute 5k. I feared I would trip him if I set foot on the course.

Nancy said...

I wanted to tell you yesterday how awesome it was of you to pull off that amazing surprise for your sister, and how--to me--it was just as meaningful that you were there for my first race, but I knew I couldn't do either without getting teary. So I just smiled a lot and concentrated on not barfing from all the excitement and I managed not to cry about it at all until I sat down tonight and read about it on your blog. You are truly awe-inspiring. Thanks, Em!

Carly said...

Ok, so I thought I'd share this with you because I think it's funny. Stephani (SNW) is a reader of mine and she read my post about the race and emailed me the link to your blog because I wrote about you in my post. I finished just ahead of you in the white shirt with the braid. I thought you might get a kick out of this: