Monday, April 26, 2010

The very best day, part one.

For the grand finale of spring break, we climbed Beech Mountain on Acadia National Park on Sunday.  I feel like I can't possibly talk about our day without excessive, annoying superlatives and exclamation marks, so I'll just show you.

Reed and Skyler climbed all the way up by themselves, their very first mountain climb.  Up, up, up they go.

At every turn, Skyler kept saying:  "This is so amazing."

We ate lunch and lounged around on top for about an hour.  Warming sunshine.

Because it is so steep and rocky, we decided to carry Reedo down in the backpack, and he talked my ear off the whole way down. 
"This is such a great walk, mommy." "Sure is a sunny day!"  "I'm so tired from all this walking!"  "I don't want to go home!"  "I want to stay on this mountain for da whole day!"  "Wow, what a lovely day, mom."  "That sure is a beautiful tree!"

Check out the view on the way down.

Reed also told me he really wanted to throw rocks in a lake before we drove home, and so, Sam found us a perfect spot to do just that.  And that will be part 2 of our very best day.


Carly said...

We were hiking, ok more like walking, around Eagle Lake on Sat. and it was beautiful. Perfect weather for it this weekend! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. :-)

Carver Fam said...

It is hard for me to not get all misty with these images, these timeless images of your beautiful family, still young but growing so incredibly fast, climbing it's first mountain.

Go Manharts is right. Your kids are so lucky to grow up looking through yours and Sam's lenses.

Sarah said...

So very NELPy. I love it. What lucky kids!