Monday, April 26, 2010

The very best day, part two

After hiking down Beech Mountain on Sunday, it was only noon, and we had sunshine and two kids who weren't done playing, so Sam drove us here, to a spot we'd been kayaking many years ago with my mom, dad, and sister Liesel.

We planted ourselves on the dock and ended up staying right there, sunning ourselves like seals for almost 2 hours.  There was no one around.

Skyler chatted, Reed threw rocks.  So simple.

And me? Lying on a dock of a lake in Maine is about the happiest place you could put me.

Sam took over making sure the kids didn't fall into the water, and I got lost in my thoughts and the sunshine and breeze.  I rolled over onto my stomach after a while and looked out at this:

Finally, Sam pried me away back to the car, where we changed the kids out of their soaking wet clothes and into fresh fleece pjs.  I climbed into the front seat, and the kids were all cozy in their car seats, and I said:  "Can I get a family cheer for today?"  (It's a thing we do.)  And they both said:  "GO MANHARTS!"  And Sam clicked on the Sox game on AM radio, and I had a happiness seizure.

And that, my friends, is what we call "a fine Maine day."

(and on the way home, the kids talked and talked and talked, until they were so tired that they started screaming and drooling and freaking out and saying things that made no sense and crying, but in my memory of this day, I select that 30 minute period with my mouse and delete it)


Kelly Dahl said...

Yet again you make me want to move back to Maine. Maybe some day.

Joanne said...

Ditto to Kelly's comment.
"happiness seizure" - He he, that's a good one!

Elizabeth said...

I am sitting here looking out at the most incredibly beautiful snow capped Utah mountains and you are almost making me miss Maine. So happy that you and the kids ended the week on such a positive note. Hoorah for the Manharts. Love and miss you all.

Kirsten said...

Love Maine. Love that dock picture!