Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 11: check

We are right in the thick of our training, which means that I'm getting tired.  I'm finding it harder to do all the mid-week mileage due to being in a very busy time of year at school, feeling pretty beat up by the training, and this week, nursing a strained calf muscle.  I shaved off a few miles this week and replaced one run with a bike ride. 

This weekend we had 16 on the schedule, but we lost several of our teammates to sickness or out-of-town-ness.  So, Susan, Christine and I did the 16 (and Shelly joined us for the first 12).  

The 16 miler was fine, but not great.  I just felt like I really had to work for every mile this time, and I was very glad to call it done.  We did a 12 mile loop that ended us back at Christine's where we pit-stopped for bananas and bathroom.  It was a 4 minute stop for stretching and deep breathing that did wonders for my legs and my morale.  Then we did a 4-mile out and back to finish the 16.

16 miles of running has two weird effects on me.  My fingers swell into painful and ugly sausage-like things. I take off my rings because they hurt too much.  It takes about 30 minutes after the run for my hands to stop hurting.

Also, my brain gets a little slow and I stop thinking clearly.  I wish I had an audio recording of the conversation Christine and I had after the run, trying to calculate our pace (and we even had a calculator).  I felt like I knew what I wanted to say, and I kept trying to say it, but it wasn't coming out right.  After a few back-and-forths with some very obscure formulas and fractions, I bent over laughing and spilled my coffee on the porch.  So, running friends, don't ask me any complicated questions during the last third of the marathon, unless you need a laugh. 

Next week's long run is a cute, little 12 miler. 

7 weeks till Burlington!

7 comments: said...

I really enjoyed this post. I especially like that you talk about the good and the bad on your blog about your training. Sometimes I read some blogs and everything is hunky dory in Sunnyville and I am convinced they must be lying!

Carver Fam said...

missed you.

Kerrie T. said...

Well, I'm never good at math, but especially not while running! And my hands swell up like that when it's warm, too. I feel like they're going to explode!

Nice run!

PS: Nice to find you and thanks for the follow!

Sarah said...

em, you may want to take the camelbak off your back, it is my (not scientific at all, experience only) assessment that a backpack/camelbak is what contributes to hand swelling. I run with the hand-held water bottles (one in each hand) and they are awesome, have you seen them? not only do they give ya a little bicep workout, the hands never swell AND if you fall (i do, all those trails can do that to you), the bottles protect your hands from getting scraped up.
anyway. waaaay to go. i check your blog every sunday for the long run update. i really wish i could be there with you.

nicole said...

it sounds like you may be experiencing some sodium balance problems, specifically hyponatremia (symptoms include confusion, swelling, headache, fatigue, muscle spasms/cramps/weakness). the sweating and water drinking together lead to a situation where you are losing sodium, and diluting whatever you've got left. try adding some electrolyte solution to your camelbak (like emergen-c or anything else really) and see how that works for you.

nicole said...

hyponatremia=low blood sodium by the way. sometimes i forget medical school was supposed to teach me not to use "jargon" haha

Emilie @ said...

nicole... not sure if you're going to check back, but i did have diluted gatorade in my camelbak, so i don't think it was a sodium deficiency, right? isn't hyponatremia from too much water without any sodium? thanks for the tip... another thing to worry about! :)