Thursday, May 20, 2010

Documentary about Will and Poetry Out Loud

Christy Hartman, a student at the SALT School for Documentary in Portland, Maine, created a documentary about my student Will and our work with Poetry Out Loud.   She worked on it over the past few months and the final product was just presented this week in Portland. 

The story, including two nice sound clips of Will reciting poetry and talking about the poems, and one clip of me talking about Will, is beautifully done.  Reading and listening to it will help you understand the whole Poetry Out Loud experience, one of the most important and treasured aspects of my teaching job.  The story also captures a lot of what makes Will so amazing.

So, I guess what I'm saying, is I really want you to check this out.

 But first, you can watch this little teaser:


SNW said...

Such a Will fan from the first recitation in 2009 but I love hearing the back story. Refreshing respect for language and culture (from those bedtime stories, no doubt)!