Thursday, May 27, 2010

On a 97 degree day in May

At the top of Acadia Mountain with my friends.

 Echo Lake.

Just as we finished dinner, the ice cream truck!

Other activities not pictured from our May heat wave:  sleeping in summer jammies, soaking in the baby pool, washing the car, running through the sprinkler, popsicles on the patio, and my favorite:  sleeping with a fan.  Sweet summer, we're so happy to have you!


Elizabeth said...

97 degrees!!!Yikes! Today I think I am happier with Utah's 68 degrees under bright blue skies and puffy clouds. (But who knows--it could snow tomorrow.)

I hope it is not so hot for your marathon on Saturday--that would be awful. I'll call you tonight for a final "good luck" wish.

Much love

celmore said...

I love the heat....and the ice creame truck. Make you feel like a kid when you hear it coming.