Wednesday, May 26, 2010

POM Wonderful!

The company POM Wonderful sent me a case of pomegranate juice to blog about.  I was thrilled because I love the stuff but it's pretty pricey, so I rarely buy it.

The kids knew not to touch the cute little bottles in the fridge because they were "mommy juice."  They would have plowed through all of the bottles in one day if I hadn't done some monitoring.

I didn't end up making any exotic savory dishes or sauces with it.  We just drank it, and it was good.

I find the juice a bit too intense to drink alone, but I'm not a straight-up juice kind of girl anyway.

We mixed it with seltzer water and lime wedges.  Actually, this is my favorite way to drink it, so I made a lot of these "mocktails."

We mixed it with coconut water.  Coconut water is all the rage these days, billed to be the all-natural alternative to gatorade, full of electrolytes and vitamins.  I wanted to like it so badly, but I thought it tasted weird.  It's really good mixed with POM, but what isn't?

We mixed it into smoothies.  This one was POM, blueberries, a handful of kale, frozen banana and frozen strawberries.

And we made pomegranate lemonade!


I saved one last bottle for a post-marathon pomegranate cocktail that Sam, an expert drink mixer, will surely mix up for me.  Cheers, and thanks POM Wonderful!


Weez said...

Where do I find coconut water? Do that have that at the shop and saves? said...

It's at all of my local grocery stores in the health food section.