Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 17: check!

And that's pretty much a wrap!  Our last long run was 8 miles on Saturday.  Once again, we did it in two groups.  I ran at 6 am with Jen because she had a tennis tournament to play at 7:45.  The rest of the girls ran a bit later, but we all did the 4-mile loop at City Forest two times. 

It was wonderful news to hear that Amy, 2nd from left, ran 8 miles pain free after taking almost 3 weeks off of running (but doing all of her miles on an eliptical) because of tendonitis in her feet.  We are all so relieved that she now plans to run in Burlington.  It was really important to all of us that everyone made it to the starting line!

On the schedule, we have three short runs of 4, 3 and 2 miles left and then we leave for Burlington.

I really wanted my last long run to feel victorious and freeing, but for whatever reason, both hips and quads ached for the whole thing.  There is no real explanation for this, as I only ran 11 miles during the previous week.  I just don't want to hurt on the marathon, at least not for the first half.  I'm toying with throwing caution to the wind and taking some ibuprofen on the morning of the race.  I'll see what a restful week does for the state of my quads. 

I remember this feeling from the last week of training right before the SF Nike Marathon too:  my legs are as muscly as they have ever been.  I'm aware with every step I take that I have really changed things up with all this running.  When I'm just walking around, I love how solid my legs feel.  Is this okay to be telling you?  It's just that it's so true. 

One more week.  Please don't let me get a cold, develop a cough, eat the wrong food, trip on the curb, fall down the stairs, or strain my back.  If I could just lock myself into a padded room with only water, vitamins, green smoothies, a massage therapist, and an endless supply of carbs, I would do it. 

So, we made it this far!  I'm very proud of all of us, and very, very excited.  There might be a few posts this week that mention the word marathon.  Stay tuned. 


Amy said...

I am SOOO glad to be back out there with you guys!! Hope that your legs are feeling better in no time and that all remains healthy and happy for the next week :)

SNW said...

YES you're totally allowed to talk about how awesome running muscles feel. After the Sugarloaf 15k last week, then the 6 mile HARD hike and 10 mile HARDER hike in the Bigelows that wknd, I may or may not have said to our friend, "GUESS WHAT, at the campfire, I'm going to let you feel my leg muscles!" (you're welcome?)

Lisa said...

You go girls! Woo-hoo! I'll be routing for you. Have a quiet week. ( about some pilates - leg circles (skim the floor kind) and plies (sp?) might feel good on your hips and knees...??? - or just Jillian's simple hip and knee rolls? Worried about you. Hope you lose the pains.)

Carly said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you have a great week leading up to the marathon! said...

Sending you well wishes and good luck all week long!