Friday, June 11, 2010

The Donors have chosen!

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Wow, the two winners of the Donors Choose giveaway got right to work!  

Here is the project that Laurie helped to fund:

Classroom Photo

Do Worms Have Eyes?..... And Where Are Their Ears? 
I teach kindergarten at a school in Maine. Although located in an urban area, my school is adjacent to a large woodland tract. My students love to explore the woods and trails. It is on these trails, woods, and the natural areas of the playground that they develop curiosity and a relationship with nature.  Young children love to use science equipment and role-play being a scientist! Having big screen microscopes will meet those needs and also enable my students to develop inquiry and observation skills through real life experiences.

My students need 2 big screen microscopes, 2 big books, and 6 sets of Level B books. "


Here is Kirsten's choice and her explanation:
Lakes to the Ocean: A Study of Aquatic Ecosystems- The Ocean Project. 

This Life Sciences teacher is requesting a Marine Aquarium so that his students, grades 3-5, have a temporary home for their ocean organisms they collect on their fall trip to the ocean. They will study their organisms all year. This is an underprivileged urban school in New Jersey; most of the kids live less than a mile or two from the ocean but do not visit or spend time on the shore. 
Kirsten says:  "I chose to support this project because I want to increase awareness of the delicate but awesome oceanic ecosystems. This project speaks to me because my dad dedicated his short life to studying and defending his beloved Gulf of Mexico and would have been deeply saddened by the current criminal tragedy affecting the Gulf right now. We are all stewards of the oceans and this teacher is doing a wonderful thing by fostering a sense of wonder as well as responsibility in his students!"

Kirsten wrote a beautiful tribute to her dad and the Gulf here on her blog.

Thank you, Laurie and Kirsten for being so excited about this and for sharing with us the projects you helped to fund.  I love that they were both drawn to projects that connect kids with the great outdoors.

Let's all continue to spread the word about Donors Choose!


Joanne said...

Bravo to the donors on such wonderful choices!!!
This science teacher thanks you!

Amy said...

Two great projects! I especially love that they both focus on environmental science :)