Saturday, June 12, 2010

The family that runs together...

The marathon moms reunited this morning for a 7 am run, joined by our friend and fellow marathoner Shelley who did some of our training runs with us this winter.  We decided 2 weeks was long enough, and we all craved a group run.  When Suzanne pulled up and said:  "I made us a loaf of banana bread!"  Christine said:  "I love us."  I couldn't agree more.

Immediately following our run, we cruised over to the starting line for a local 1-mile road race called the "Milk Run."  Jen, Christine and I were all running it with our families.  It was Skyler and Reed's first ever race.  Bib numbers and everything.  They were freaking out with excitement. 

Here they are doing their pre-race stomping ritual.  They were getting really pumped.

On the left, McKayla with Tyler and Kaitlyn, Jen's kids.

On the right, best buds Skyler and McKayla that I wrote about the other day. 



(look at Skyler's face)

Reedo at the starting line.  Getting into the zone.

                                                               See Reedo run.

                                                               See Reedo rest.

Sam took off with Skyler, who ran almost the whole mile, and only took two short walking breaks.  Reed?  Well.....  We ran like the wind!  And then we walked.  Then we rested.  And then we ran like the wind!  And then we rested!  The wind!  Rest!  Wind!  Look, McDonald's!  Look, the river!  Run!  Rest!  etc. etc.

I carried him for a few blocks and after he was rested up, we got to the top of the hill that brought us into town and to the finish line.  At that point, he ran again. We came in 2nd to last.  Here's a video!


Elizabeth said...

This is Grant speaking. "Are you training your kids to be marathon runners."

Now it is Omom: Congratulations Skyler and and Reed on a great first run. Can't wait to see you next month. I love you tons.
Just how many miles a week is Mommy having you run?!?!


look's like fun!
I may try to do this next year.

Ali said...

Oh my goodness! That's the cutest video ever!

Tiercy said...

Good job to your kiddos. Will they do it again?