Friday, June 11, 2010

a new beginning

While everyone else around here is getting out of school, Reed is about ready to start.  He's going to start pre-school this summer at the same school Skyler now attends.  Together they will spend Tuesdays and Thursdays in their summer program (Holy mother of all things holy in the universe, are you comprehending what that means for me? Two days a week to be in my home during daylight hours while the children are happily away?  Just think of the possibilities!)

Skyler is thrilled to show Reed the ropes of school life, and Reed is so excited, though I don't know what he imagines.  I'm nervous for his first day, but not nearly as nervous as I was for Skyler's first day, partly because I am seasoned enough now to know he'll be fine, and partly because he's just a different kid.

Lynn, who will be his teacher is exactly what Reed needs:  loving, calm, and firm.  She is also the mother of a former student of mine who graduated several years ago, and I feel very lucky to have Reed in her care.  I spoke with her this week, and she said:  "Skyler came to find me on the playground to tell me about Reed."

Uh oh.

Skyler said to Lynn, and I quote:  "Well, the first thing you need to understand about Reed is that he does not listen."  Emphasis.  Hand gestures.

Hey, thanks, kid!  As if Reed didn't already have a stellar reputation at that school!

Lynn just laughed.  She is unfazed by Skyler's warning. 

The next day, she gave me a card to give to Reed in anticipation of his arrival. (note the weights next to him in the chair)

Look at that face.  Does that look like the face of trouble?

Running off to show Daddy.  (please don't note the disheveled chairs)

Kristian, as named in the card, is the son of my friend Christine (of marathon moms).  We are very excited they will be in the same class.  PLUS, Christine's daughter McKayla will be in Skyler's class.  Kristian and Reed love each other and play really well.  Skyler and McKayla adore each other and play really well except for the fact that they are both alpha-girls and they are each used to taking control of the situation, so there is some head-butting.  At school, on neutral territory, we expect they will have an absolute blast together.  The Manharts are very excited about this time with the Kendalls.

Here are some old photos of these friends.
Kristian and Reed at 6 months
and at 18 months.

And McKayla and Skyler as 2 1/2 year olds

Having these friends to look forward every day will make for a wonderful summer at school.  The moms will be running and basking in the sunshine and maybe doing responsible things while the kids are away.


Carly said...

Enjoy that time to yourself! :-)

Michelle said...

I am giddy with happiness for you and your two days a week of freedem!!!

Christine said...

Brings tears to my eyes (and lots of chills). I can't wait for the start of their summer adventure!