Monday, June 7, 2010

now what? fitness goals for the summer

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Well, now that the marathon is behind us, I've been antsy and filled with ideas for the summer, which begins for us in 9 little days.  In case I haven't made this abundantly clear, I love working toward a goal, specifically a big race that I'm not sure I can complete.  I'm motivated to exercise by many things, but fear of failure or death really works for me.  Really gets me moving.

But I'd like to think I'm beyond the need to be scared into heading out the door, and so, my plan is to stick with the half marathon for the next few months, with some extras thrown in to keep it interesting.

My running friends and I had a team meeting, I mean, we got together for drinks last week, and there was much talk of our future together as "fellow nut jobs."  A marathon next May, sprint or Olympic distance Triathlons next summer, and kayak trips are all possibilities.  We are climbing Mt. Katahdin in July, racing in the Beach to Beacon 10K in August, running 3 half marathons in the fall, and running the MDI Marathon Relay in 2 teams of 3.

I'm going to write my summer plan out here as a way to keep me honest.  If you see me slacking off, let me hear it!

Running:  For the rest of June, I'm going to run at least 3 times a week, but just run whatever distance I feel like I'm up for.  That will mean I can maintain my running fitness but not risk burn out.  Some of these runs will be speed work (tempo or progression runs).  In July, we will be "on plan" again with Hal Higdon's Intermediate half marathon training, which after finishing an 18 week marathon plan, looks pretty good to me. We will extend the plan between half marathons, so as far as a running plan, that takes me through to November.

Swimming:  I haven't been in the water for a workout in over a year.  During the school year, Sam maxes out the available swim hours at our local pool, but in the summer there are more opportunities for lap swim times and for open water swimming.  Now that we're thinking about triathlons again, I need to get back in the water.   I am committing to swimming once a week at least.

Biking:  I bought a road bike a few years ago when I was training for my second sprint triathlon, and then I got so into running that I didn't ride it much after the first year.  I love riding my bike, and I want get better/ faster/ stronger and possibly do some longer rides.  Right now when I go out on my bike, I ride 10 or 15 miles.  I'd like to be able to ride between 20-40 miles in one stretch by the end of the summer.  Biking:  once a week.   I went out on my bike today and it felt soooooo good.
Here, watch:

Weights, Sit Ups and Push Ups:  I feel like I have to constantly recommit to this because I go strong for a while but then I don't stay consistent. That's why I'm not going too crazy with this area.  My goal is to strengthen my arms through regular weight training and to do sit ups and push up sessions several times a week. 

By the way, last weekend, I ran a marathon, my brother Chris climbed 14,000 ft Mt. Shasta, and my sister biked 60 miles.  What do you think my mom ate while we were in utero?


Carly said...

I love riding my bike too! It's just such a great feeling!

Elizabeth said...

Liver and onions!!!

Elizabeth said...


Loved your bike video --it is so lush there. But how do you ride a bike and make a video at the same time??? (Once a Mom always a Mom!)

Love you.

SNW said...

I hope your "run whatever I feel like running" plan goes much better than mine has been going since Sugarloaf. Apparently I "feel like" occasional 5ks around campus, give or take a shortcut..

Kirsten said...

Slacker. :-)

Truman Soloist said...

Is that a "helmet-mounted motion-picture capturing" device you are using for that footage?

Carver Fam said...

Good Lord Em! Keep your eyes on the road! You don't need to film EVERYTHING!