Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our CSA farmshare

It's farmshare pick up season again, so every Tuesday we drive the 10 miles to Fisher Farm to get the goods.  Last week was our first week, but it was pouring rain so we just got our vegetables and headed home.  Usually, though our routine goes like this:
Visit the baby chickens in the chicken house, walk up the road to visit the bigger chickens in the barn,  chat with Farmer Beth on the tractor, visit the even bigger chickens out on the field, say hi to the sheep and lambs, jump on the hay bales for about 20 minutes, and then walk back down the road to the vegetable shed for our pick up, where Skyler and Reed eagerly and enthusiastically fill our bag with fresh green leafy things. And Skyler always gets to pick the flowers.

Hello, my future salads.

When I stand in front of a crowd of chickens, the teacher in me can't help saying:  "Can I please have your attention, everyone?"

Reed has done a great job overcoming his fear of chickens.  He stood by the fence for a long time saying "AW!  THEY ARE SO ANORABLE!"

I love this time of year: Very little need for grocery store produce, huge salads every night, and even more green monsters with farm spinach. Now, what to do with radishes and turnips, a problem we face every year. I need to get creative.


Joanne said...
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Joanne said...

"When I stand in front of a crowd of chickens . . . " HA hahahaha!

So true - I have a more eager group with the cows behind us - they usually run(they are young) over and stare at me, ever since my husband gave them the remains of our chinese cabbage that had gone to seed.

I miss the CSA up in Orono/Old Town.

My delete - with gross misspellings (wish there was an edit option)!

brooke said...

your farmshare goodies look wonderful! we also participate in a local CSA and we have been getting radishes and turnips. we slice them up and put them in our salads and it is so yummy! we've also been adding our beet greens to our morning smoothie along with spinach. i LOVE this produce time of year!

SNW said...

Mmm I need to pick more wildflowers, clearly.

susan said...

Corn and radish salads -- there are many combos and the sweetness of the corn makes up for the bitterness of radishes. Just google and you'll find many recipes! But, I too struggle with the radishes!