Tuesday, June 22, 2010

projects, paint chips, pickles and pizza.

Today was a school day for the kiddos and I did not disappoint myself with all that was accomplished.  I promise I won't publish my to-do list ever again, but here is what I did while the kids were at school.  By the way, while I'm happily busy doing all this, you know what I'm thinking?  I miss my kids. 

run 4 miles
buy new filing system
go grocery shopping
pick up paint chips at home depot
file all the random papers in the kitchen
clean kitchen
clean refrigerator
mop floors
create the summer calendar
buy flowers for blue pots
plant the flowers
make pickles
make iced tea
vacuum out the car
get the car washed

 Here are some paint chips that we are considering for our kitchen.  I told Sam that my inspiration for the colors was walnuts and sage, which he thought was hysterical, and I was like:  "what? shut up."

And here is another decision we have to make.  What color to stain the decks?  We have 3 very small decks, front, side, and back.  I'm We're leaning toward a dark brown.

Today I bought a bunch of files and that little black filing box at Target and I transformed this area.  I didn't take a before picture, but I had piles of papers everywhere.  Now, a place for everything and everything in its place.  Ah.

Next I had these two blue pots that Sam got me for mother's day.  I went to our local nursery/ farm stand guy and he helped me pick out some plants.  I said I wanted there to be "hangy downy things" in the front, and he said:  "right this way."  I had to channel my inner Lila, my mother in law, who is the best gardener/ potted plant arranger that I know.  I think they look pretty cute.

Moving on!  "Making pickles" is stretching the truth a little.  We get a ton of cukes from our farm share, and I am determined to not let them go to waste this year.  Farmer Beth from Fisher Farm told me that if you just save the pickle juice from a jar of pickles that you've bought and eaten, you can just slice the cukes and shove them in there.  I'm very excited about this, and I'll let you know how they taste after a few days.

After some planning and chatting with Sam on the patio, it was time to fetch the children.  When I picked up the kids, everyone was happy and full of stories of a great day.  Reed's teacher said:
"He's so easy and laid back!"


I asked how he did at nap time.

She said:  "Great.  He never fell asleep but he just lay there quietly and looked at books for the whole 2 hours."


Reed's report was that for lunch they had "salad and ketchup" and the best part of the day was "the beach."  Once again, ?????

Next we went to Fisher Farm for this week's bounty, including...

...these beauties.  I am going to try a new strawberry shortcake recipe that I will write about soon.

For dinner, it was make-your-own-pizza night.  Mine was like a salad on a pizza

Have you ever had corn on a pizza before?  Yeah, me neither.  But it was good!

Skyler wanted me to show you her bandage.  She learned to go all the way across the monkey bars with no one holding her legs this week, and she got a little over-zealous in showing us, going back and forth, and got herself a nasty quarter-sized blister on her palm.  It is a very dramatic situation because she cannot color and needs to talk about it a lot.  So there, I showed you.

And just to continue with the randomness that is this post, here is a photo that was inadvertently left off of the post about Jackson swimming.  It is a photo of, well, Jackson swimming.

I love my dog.


Joanne said...

Wow! - Painting projects swirling around in plans - inspiring!

Seriously, I was actually wondering about the in-between shot of Jackson swimming - along with the before and after retrieval of ball. - Thanks for clearing the thought of "did he actually go out there to get the ball" (joking!) - So cute!

sbatterman said...

Sage Walnut Pesto

4 tablespoons sage leaves
1/3 cup parsley
1 clove garlic
1 cup toasted walnuts
1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil, or more
1/3 cup pecorino cheese
pinch of cinnamon (optional)

parsley can be replaced with more sage or other leafy herbs, toasting walnuts is not optional, I do prefer it with the cinnamon, and if you can manage to put this on some butternut squash ravioli, you won't be disappointed.

And thus begins my new practice of posting recipes as comments.

SNW said...

Maybe the corn on pizza thing connects to your German roots-- When I went to Austria, they had corn on every pizza! And fried eggs, or tuna. But the corn I could really support.

Carly said...

We're enjoying the fresh strawberries down here in NH. They are fabulous! Hopefully yours are just as yummy. :-)

ann said...

Now I understand why you are up at 6am. I call you Wonder Woman from now on!

Elizabeth said...

Not that you're taking votes, but I rather like sage and walnut for the kitchen; or how about basil and cappucino?

Danielle Frottier said...

Love the photo of Jackson. I couldn't figure out what the red thing was that was trailing behind him and then I realized it was the leash. He looks like an amazing dog!

Liesel Stevens said...

Cameron's comment: "Wow. She's a busy woman."
My comment to Cam: "I miss them. Don't you?"